Wensley Does Faction Warfare


Last night I was scanning around in my Cheetah trying to find some targets when I jumped into Jovainnon and discovered a whole fleet composed of ships name “Hi Ronan”. Not only that but the fleet was lead by regular Tusker opponent Cosmic Raider. We all started chatting in local and it eventually came around to finding out that the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit don’t care too much for our new neighbours the Carebear Poachers. Although I’ve flown with Captain Infidel and his crew before I definitely agree that we don’t want other pirate corporations operating on our turf so agreed to join up with the FW and go hunt for them.

Up until now my experience of faction warfare has been limited to going into complexes to pick off lone elements of the milita fleets. Flying with the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit was an absolute pleasure, they were professional and well organised. I was even more surprised by the respect and admiration they held for myself, Rylack (who joined the fleet for a while), and the rest of The Tuskers. I’m very proud to be part of a corporation that is forging such a positive reputation for itself while at the same time exploding other people’s ships.

Anyway, we flew up to Ouelletta where we found a complex that we warped into and began the process of capturing. Most of the FW fleet were fitted for long range engagements and the presence of the faction navy vessels inside the complex demonstrated why. My Rifter was perfectly capable of tanking the cruiser and battlecruiser spawns when I drew aggro, though, so I think they might be better off fitting for close range engagements should a fight come along. Once the first couple of spawns were dealt with and the complex nearly captured I was sent to sit on the warp in beacon to catch any Gallente defenders that might come to try and protect their system. Despite their name Cosmic Raider’s corporation specialise in offensive operations deep behind enemy lines.

With the complex captured the fleet disbanded and headed back to station. I stayed up chatting to Cosmic Raider and ended up offering to test his anti-frigate Cormorant’s mettle against my Rifter. I was aware of the fact he’d changed things around to try and hurt fast-moving frigates so decided to exploit the weakness of railguns (namely their tracking) by fitting a tracking disruptor to my ship. Once I got in close I’d be able to orbit with impunity and take him down. All I had to do was hope that he hadn’t fitted blasters instead. If that was the case I was going to be ripped to shreds.

I warped in to our pre-arranged rendezvous at 100km from the destroyer and quickly fired up my afterburner. There was no way I was going to fly straight into a lethal volley and I began a spiralling approach, making his guns work hard to keep up with my path. As soon as I hit targeting range I fired up my tracking disruptor and felt the shock of a volley of Caldari Navy Antimatter ammunition pounding into my Rifter’s hull. My shields were vapourised. A second volley hit home as I locked on my warp scrambler and span up my autocannons. Thankfully I was now settling into a swift, tight orbit around the destroyer and his long range guns could no longer hit me for anything more than glancing damage. I pushed my armour repairer to the limits to maintain the integrity of my frigate’s remaining protection while simultaneously squeezing as much damage from my guns as possible. The combination worked and Cosmic Raider’s destroyer exploded while I was still at about half armour. A very good fight against a worthy opponent and once I’d docked up I returned the loot.


3 Responses to “Wensley Does Faction Warfare”

  1. 1 Who8MyLunch

    Those guys from 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit just love Ronan Jaques, don’t they? He and I flew with Cosmic Raider way up in Martoh last night in a little trip to taunt their enemy. We saw no action, but I was quit impressed with Cosmic’s FC skills. He and his group were very nice, but at first they were worried about flying with uncouth pirate folks like Ronan and I. We promised to keep our chat language clean and proper. I’d fly with them again.

  2. 2 Ronan Jacques

    Haha ya they’re nice guys, so I don’t mind playing…uh, mascot? Something…wierd…
    Anyway, slick trick with the tracking disruptor! It’s almost meeaaan.
    But then so is cosmics’ cormorant! In fact I’ve yet to kill that thing from the helm of a t1 frigate, although I’ve mentioned before it’s like a test of mettle, since I know a few Tuskers have pulled it off.
    Including Wensley : )

  3. I was chatting to a few of the 22nd BRDU (can’t be bothered to type the full name any more) in Costolle last night and it turns out that the Carebear Poachers have declared war on them. Should be lots of pretty explosions in Verge Vendor for the next few days.

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