The Rifter Guide: Solo PvP


The Rifter PvP Guide has a new home. You can now find it at


20 Responses to “The Rifter Guide: Solo PvP”

  1. Great post, Wensley. Rifter is the sexiest T1 ship in the game and this here does a great job of explaining exactly why that is to the uninitiated!

  2. Very well written and comprehensive too. Much appreciate the time in putting this together.

    Some tips are just great for any pilot, no matter what ship they choose. I certainly gained some insight with this fantastic read.

    Eve University

  3. Most informative, well-written blog post of the year. I have been playing around with speed tank fits on my Rifters lately (hence your dismayed reaction to my recent loss to Joc, LOL!); it needs paired with artillery to make it more viable, I’d say. Need to try some variations on that theme. I like trying different fits–especially non-standard ones. Some are dismal failures but as you say, frigates are easily replaced. I tend to use T2 fit as my skills support use of most T2 modules. It’s a bit more expensive but at least whomever kills me gets some nice drops if they’re lucky, LOL!

    Any chance you’d eventually publish this as a PDF for easier printing? Thanks so much for taking the time to put this guide together. It’s excellent.

  4. Great job, Wensley! Every time another Rifter pilot I’ve killed in my own Rifter asks about fittings I point them to your guide.

  5. 5 iakdrago

    Am i doing something wrong? I have not been able to play much since QR was released, but prior to QR release, a caracal was FAR from an easy kill for me. Their tank can be quite substantial, and assault missile launchers = death to frigates. Am i missing something?


    • Not really missing anything. An assault missile equipped Caracal will cause pain for frigates but I’ve come across very few of these in my time. They’re usually fit with heavy launchers for PvE purposes. I once died horribly to a PvP-fit Caracal but its the only one I’ve ever come across. I haven’t fought one since Quantum Rise, though.

  6. 7 Nursultan

    Met an assault missile-fitted Caracal yesterday and had the upper hand, but couldn’t finish the fight properly as more pirates arrived. Looks like they too have problems hitting you with your AB on.

    • Yeah, I’ve found that the afterburner really is good against missiles. Doesn’t do a bad job against drones, either.

  7. 9 iakdrago

    Thanks guys, looking forward to trying it out? Any chance the guy had something along these lines:

    3 LSE +point + invulnerable?
    Assault Launchers
    bottom is fairly irrelevant

    That was one of my first “rifter pvp” experiences
    pretty nasty… since then i still try to avoid a) missile ships b) drone ships

    Maybe i should try and give it a whirl again.

  8. iakdrago, I’ve finally found the killmail for that Caracal encounter. Turns out he had only one LSE and an invulnerability field. But I think it’s not Caracal’s tank that’s important, it’s your ability to tank the incoming damage.

  9. Wensley, I have a question. Have you ever taken on a Taranis in a Rifter? Do you think it can hold the 7.5km distance using an AB and shoot with barrage while staying out of blaster range?

  10. 12 iakdrago

    Thank you for all your help guys. My findings: even standard missiles get a very significant damage reduction against an afterburning frigate–i find this to be odd, as there is no “smaller” missile. I guess CCP went overboard on the missiles… feel really bad for those hawk pilots, they are worse than ever now

  11. @Nursultan, I did a long time ago but in general my record against them isn’t so good. These days I would guess a lot of ‘ranises are fitted with an AB too so you’d have little chance of holding out against them, I’m afraid.

  12. Nice article. The Rifter is a fun ship to fly. Cool looking too.

    Re drones – if the drone boat keeps his drones back while you are at 15-20 km, what would you do? My guess is that it’s likely better to break off, because the drones will kill you if you get into web range, but outside web range would you have enough DPS to carry the battle?

    Re skills: Small Autocannon Specialization requires Small Projectile Turret V and Motion Prediction III (EveMon).

  13. Great update mate. Recently been trying to learn more about PvP and have been flying a Harpy mainly but this Rifter guide is opening up new avenues of possibility!

    Great stuff 🙂

  14. Thank you once again Wensley! I’ve made 100 kills in my Rifter now thanks to your guide.

  15. What a nice guide. Just found it. Thank you!

  16. 18 Killer Rasta

    Real great guide, Wensley.
    I’ve been using a Rifter for quite long, and knew quite much about fittings, but i’ve learned a lot about tactics and the objectives i can go for.
    Rifters and afterburner active tank plated claw are my favourite ships. And all i’ve learned here is good for both of them.

    Many thanks for the effort of writting this and hope you keep on with this nice stuff.

  17. Venom gives this 2 thumbs up. You know how I love me Rifter!!

  18. 20 Dan

    Thanks for your time. Great guide. 🙂

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