A Slow Week


There’s not been much going on in Verge Vendor this week. Our idiot friends in their expensive ships seem to have realised the dangers of repeatedly hanging out at the same spot in space and moved on. The other Tuskers seem to have been doing well finding targets (seriously, Rylack, how do you do it?) but I’ve been concentrating on losing ships instead. There are three engagements worth talking about, though.

We had a corporate operation again on Sunday. I took the opportunity to command the fleet again and we set out towards Kamela in the Bleak Lands looking for targets. This time we had a frigate fleet with a total of 15 Tuskers setting out on the op. Like the previous operation targets were a bit thin on the ground but in Saldusairos we managed to find an outlaw Onyx on a gate being engaged by a Vagabond and Deimos. Although we had the firepower and electronic warfare capabilities to take on the pair of HACs we didn’t want to incur the wrath of the sentry guns so our scout sat and watched the fight in the hope that the Onyx would win or chase off its opponents so that we could warp in and engage. The fight looked to be stalemated so we sent in kor anon in his Retribution to try and goad the HACs into engaging him. It didn’t work but the HACs warped off and we jumped in to engage the Onyx which promptly escaped too.

After many, many probes were dropped and safespots busted a second too late we finally managed to get a tackle on the heavy interdictor and the Tuskers fleet descended like a swarm of angry wasps. Hungry for a kill we stripped the Onyx of its shields and destroyed it within a few seconds. The pod was quickly locked down but trigger happy fingers resulted in its destruction before a ransom could be offered.

The rest of the operation was pretty uneventful and we ended up in Amamake unable to find any more good fights. Although the op was officially over a few of us hung around in Amamake’s top asteroid belt to see if we could get a good fight. A Taranis warped in and I gave chase in my afterburner-equipped Claw. The fact he kept stopping and waiting for us should have been a clue that something was amiss. With out fleet strung out a Megathron, Cerberus, Blackbird and Falcon entered the fray and were able to pick us off while jamming us so we were unable to respond. The result was inevitable and we lost a Claw, Rifter, and Tristan for no response. For my part I was doing well in my duel with the Taranis until I was jammed and unable to fight back.

Closer to home, in Ouelletta, I engaged an Omen in a belt and was able to kill it in pretty short order but had been joined by a Huginn and Broadsword. With the Broadsword’s focussed warp disruption script pinning me down and my ECM drones unable to break his lock things looked bleak until 250 showed up in his Blackbird and jammed the Broadsword allowing me to get free. We then hunted for our opponents, chasing them around Ouelletta until Ronan found them in his Bellicose. First 250 and then I warped in to his aid but our arrivals were staggered such that we were destroyed one at a time.

Finally Joc and I went on a roam last night in my Rifter and his Sentinel. We didn’t find any suitable targets until Anka where we chased around a Merlin, Punisher, and Blackbird. Despite the Merlin having Blackbird support and being unaffected by Joc’s tracking disruptors we couldn’t get them to engage, although Joc did manage to kill the Punisher. While Joc waited out his timer I carried on hunting and moved into Kamela which seemed to be full of CVA pets in interceptors who were determined to stop me killing innocent ratters. There was, however, an Amarrian minor Faction Warfare complex in system. To free myself of the pesky interceptors I warped to the complex, activated the gate and went in. While it was empty I quickly killed the defending Amarrian ships and then waited for someone to warp in. A Punisher obliged but quickly warped out as I closed to scramble range. I was sure he’d come back, though, so I hovered around the entry beacon and my patience was rewarded. He warped in again. Brilliant, lock, scram, web, orbit, and open fire. All was going to plan until a second Punisher warped in and engaged too. Webbed and scrammed and taking more damage than I could repair now I was unable to escape and my Rifter died.

So, not a particularly rewarding few days but that’s the way it goes, I guess. Hopefully the next few will bring some good kills my way and I’ll be basking in my own, pirating glory again by the weekend.

Good hunting!


4 Responses to “A Slow Week”

  1. Sometimes you have fun, and sometimes the fun has you.

    At least you’re finding engagements, this time of night I can’t get anything.

  2. What Hallan said. The fun is in the fight…I’m of the mind that so long as you win some, losing some is just the price to be paid. Really nice job with that Onyx–you guys really earned that kill.

  3. 3 torgat

    Don’t feel so bad about the 2xPunisher kill. I was fighting one of those pilots, Mra Rednu, yesterday and he told me that he hadn’t wanted to engage as Rifters scared the hell out of him. He said that he knew he’d need 2 punishers to kill a Rifter. Heh. I think he learned that from you.

  4. I think I was hanging around in Amamake at about that time. Wasn’t Ka Jolo with you as well?
    Belt III-1 is a kind of free-for-all arena where you can see ships from frigates to dreadnoughts engaging each other nonstop. Scary place for small ship pirates, in other words, because others will rarely give you a chance to engage someone one-on-one.
    A question on your Claw: do you use it as a Rifter 2.0, engaging in the same way but with better speed and agility?

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