Tuskers Rising


When I joined The Tuskers we were a very small corp with about half a dozen members. We squeezed whatever kills we could out of the local area while keeping our eyes on our much more powerful neighbours Ministry of Destruction. MoD would regularly camp stations and gates and flew around the surrounding systems in high tech, powerful ships. There was very little we could do about them so we tried to stay out of their way and pick off whatever we could find.

Eventually Ministry of Destruction moved north, away from Hevrice and we had the system to ourselves for a short while before Shadow Legion moved in. By now our numbers had swollen to about a dozen pilots and Shadow Legion seemed to be only interested in station and gate camping. Our small, nimble ships had little trouble evading their camps and whenever possible we picked them off one ship at a time.

Now Shadow Legion have gone as well and our numbers are really starting to swell with lots of new applicants this month. This has turned us into a force to be reckoned with. Now, rather than only having a handful of pilots on at any given time we can have up to a dozen on most evenings. This means that we can deal with pretty much anything that comes into Hevrice be it just a ratting destroyer, a mining barge in a hidden asteroid belt, a travelling Drake, or even a full team of mission runners. The constellation is now under our control and the rate of applications is continuing to grow so our reputation must be spreading.

Its great fun to fly with such a brilliant group of pilots and the killboard is really starting to come to life. No longer a handful of kills each day. Last week we did over one billion ISK of damage and I can only see that improving. It may not be much compared to some of the big pirate corporations out there but we’ve only been together for three months or so and most of our pilots are still young. It goes to show what our commitment to solo kills as an application requirement rather than skill points can achieve.

Thanks to Ka Jolo for setting up such a brilliant corporation. Long live The Tuskers!


One Response to “Tuskers Rising”

  1. Really happy to see you guys flourishing, Wens! And *really* glad I didn’t fall into your clutches yesterday when your group was out and about in the Hellcats’ “home away from home”…thank goodness for fast ships that can take the high sec detour! That was quite an impressive fleet you had assembled. Gratz on the excellent kills, btw.

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