New Killboard Address and Dead Forums


Because our host’s server had a disk failure the Tuskers forums and killboard have been down for the last couple of days. We’ve now got a new killboard up and running with all of the old data imported in but a different address: I’m going back through my old posts and updating the links to any kills but it might take a while to catch up.

The forums are still down, though, so anyone looking to apply to The Tuskers or find out more about us is going to have to drop into our in game channel “The Tuskers Public Channel”.

Because the forums are down I can’t access my Rifter guide so I’ll have to delay publication until they’re back up again because its stored in a post there.

Edit: Oh no, it looks like the killboard links are completely broken! Fixing them could take me a very long time so please bear with me.

Edit 2: So that I have somewhere nice and safe to archive all my killmails that isn’t Battleclinic I now have my own Griefwatch killboard: I’ll slowly move all the killmail links over the that board once the database imports all the entries from my other killboards.

Edit 3: The forums are back up too. You can find them at


2 Responses to “New Killboard Address and Dead Forums”

  1. probably best to just let the ceo post the mails as u guys are posting kills multiple times. also the way works is the database has kills stored on characters not just corps, when it got reset the first time i had my 1 death to tuskers members translate to about 7 which completely fucked up my own killboard stats, not to mention is kinda defeating the point of a killboard
    Cheers 🙂

  2. 2 ombeve

    G/L with getting it all sorted. I set up a personal KB on Friday, and they’re scary beasts!!

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