Raise a Glass!


Its my birthday today so to celebrate the boys and I are going to head for Dodixie and check out the scene in the hub of Gallente night life. Why am I telling you this? Well, because I’m sure all that alcohol and those lovely French ladies will leave me feeling a little bit worse for wear over the weekend so I probably won’t get around to flying much, never mind posting.

So, whatever you’re doing, take the time to have a drink and celebrate with me!


12 Responses to “Raise a Glass!”

  1. Happy birthday and may the force be with you! YARR!!!

  2. Happy Birthday – hope you present is a multi-billion isk loot drop!!!

  3. 3 Leon vanUber

    Happy Birthday Wensley \O/

  4. Happy birthday, dear Wensley! I’ll be sure and have a drink in your honor this evening! Hope all your dreams and wishes come true over the next year.

  5. Cheers! I’ll definitely raise a glass to you at tonight’s EVE-meet.

  6. 6 xiphos83

    A belated happy birthday!

  7. Happy b-day!

  8. 8 Who8MyLunch

    Happy birthday man! Don’t get blown up.

  9. Happy Birthday. Don’t forget to drink a bottle of water and take 2 aspirines before going to sleep. SHould remove most of the hangover 🙂

    and beware the scotch…

  10. Hey man, happy birthday….

    Will take a drink in your honor tonight as well..now that I actually can (hooray for being 21 lol).


  11. Happy birthday! Give ’em hell!

  12. Happy belated Birthday mate!

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