A Short Break


It might be glamarous but being a pod pilot is a hard life. Having your brain wired straight into the controls of a ship, especially a creaking Minmatar rust-bucket, is a stressfull and emotional experience. We all get fatigue from time to time so Wensley will be taking a short break to refresh himself. I’ll be back from Alentene next week so until then, good hunting.


3 Responses to “A Short Break”

  1. 1 jhez

    You know where you should go to take that break. I have noobs in need of training… and rats in need of some loving.

    * huggles that rascal pyerate *

  2. 2 jhez

    … and yes, I’ll scout you past those baaaaad Stain Empire guys….

  3. Hope you have fun. See ya when ya get back.

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