23 Tips for Surviving Lowsec


My project for this afternoon was going to be to write a guide to low sec survival for those looking to venture out into pirate infested face. Imagine my chagrin, then, when I discovered that Black Claw has posted this excellent list of 23 Tips for Surviving Lowsec. Damn you, Black Claw, damn you.


2 Responses to “23 Tips for Surviving Lowsec”

  1. Hahaha! Thanks Wensley! You can, of course, add a few of your own tips to the comments section that I might have missed. I know there’s a lot of tips out there from people that know, so they’re all welcome to help build up a good, solid tip repository. I might even update the original post with other people’s tips too, just to consolidate it all.

  2. Wens, I still think a “simulation” of an excursion through low sec might be useful to those unfamiliar with the process of traveling through. Tactics might differ based on whether you’re just jumping across several systems to get to a destination, want to rat, need to pick something up (requiring docking/undocking), are doing plexes, etc. Black Claw’s Tips were good ones but not the full picture of how you actually operate in low sec. That’s an angle you should cover 🙂 Sort of a “here, look over my shoulder while I show you the ropes” kind of thing.

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