Hunting for Crows


After a slow evening patrolling the low security space around Eifer and Evati I was getting restless. My whole body was itching for blood, desperate to feel my ship bucking under the recoil of my autocannons, longing for the thrill of combat. But there was nothing to be had.

Well, not until I ended up in the same system as a Crow class interceptor. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with these nippy little birds but I had a new trick up my sleeve. I’ve just finished studying the science of thermodynamics and now I can push some of my ship’s systems past their operational limits. I’d already tried this once during a fight with an Enyo but even with overloaded weapons I’d been unable to break its tank. For the Crow, though, a combination of increased web range and overpowered microwarp drive could just allow me enough of an edge to grab him and pin him down for my autocannons to tear him apart.

After a few minutes playing cat and mouse with him I decided that it was time for action. I sat in a belt devoid of rats and waited for him to pin me down. It didn’t take long for the interceptor to appear on my close range scan and as he came into range I began to approach him. His missiles were doing severe damage to my shields and I needed to keep pulsing my armour repair systems to avoid the fight being over prematurely. With his orbit settled I played my ace and pulsed the overheated microwarp drive while trying to snare him with my stasis webifier. On the first pass I missed but the second time I was more lucky and watched his ship slow almost to a standstill. My autocannons opened up and began to rip into his shields. But it was too late for me, in the excitement of trying to web him I’d not paid attention to my own defences. My ship exploded and my pod was pinned down before it could warp. I negotiated a pleasantly small ransom and headed back to the nearest station to run the fight through my mind.

I hadn’t beaten him but I’d come close. I’d managed to get him webbed and that’s half of the battle. I could have done things a lot better, though. There are probably two ways I should have approached this. Because he warped in on top of me I should have had all my systems cycled and overheated so I could engage them before he got to a safe range. That might well have done the job. The other trick would have been to make him burn towards me by being at range from the centre. A pulse of my microwarp drive would probably have pushed him into extended web range and allowed me to pin him down.

I look forward to trying this again and seeing if I can start snaring me some ‘ceptors like the legendary Kal’Kalagan does.

It looks like Hallan Turrek had much more joy than me killing interceptors in his Rifter.


One Response to “Hunting for Crows”

  1. I think mine was probably an easier kill though, he was only a couple months old. That’s why I took the chance. My skills and equipment couldn’t handle anyone good. 😉

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