A Well Sprung Trap


There are few things worse than running into a well executed gate camp and that’s what happened to me the other day. I’d been bumbling around Ouelletta in my Rupture and managed to find an unlooted faction wreck and kill an Exequror. Nothing particularly exciting. Things were starting to pick up in system and there was a Scimitar class logistics cruiser floating around. I should have been suspicious when she glided to within 400 km of me on my overview but a lot of my safes are close to planets so assumed I was just on grid with the planet.

Spooked by the Scimitar’s appearance but relieved by its failure to burn for me I bounced around the system for a while trying to decide what to do. I had a couple of options, really. I could either dock up in Ouelletta and wait for the Scimitar to get bored and move on or I could move on myself. Now Scimitars are logistics cruisers so aren’t inherently scary but they’re not the kind of ship you fly alone which means there must be a gang in the vicinity and that was enough to make up my mind. Home time. I warped to the Melmaniel gate and jumped through just in time to see the Scimitar arrive too. On the other side I took a second to assess my options. The Scimitar instantly uncloaked and I knew I was in trouble. I quickly set my navigation computer to warp to the next gate and crossed my fingers. No such luck. The Minmatar cruiser’s targeting computer easily locked my Rupture before it could get up enough speed and my warp drive was disrupted before it could engage.

Support was starting to show up as a Celestis and Arbitrator warped in to join the party. There was no way I could outrun the nimble Scimitar so instead I turned round and burnt for the gate before my assailants got into web range. I hadn’t returned fire so could jump through to the safety of Ouelletta and have time to warp to a safe location before their aggression timers would let them through. Or so I thought.

There was a surprise waiting for me in Ouelletta, though. A Rapier sat on the gate with the tell tale pulses of sensor boosters emanating from its hull. I crossed my fingers again and pressed warp. Almost instantly I was locked and webbed. This time there was no escape so I tried to fight back but once the Arbitrator had jumped back and launched its drones on my stricken ship I had no chance.

There’s nothing wrong with losing a ship to a well executed trap like this and I was very impressed with the way they carried it out. Still, its pretty gutting. I was doing so well at killing stuff without losing ships for the last week or so. I need some good ransoms to keep me in business. Time to break out the Stabber and Claw and look for some good targets.


7 Responses to “A Well Sprung Trap”

  1. Good teamwork on their part, for sure. Not much you could do about it, but at least you kept your wits about you and did all you could do. Down one week, up the next, Wens!

  2. I must say you tried pretty hard to get away, a bit unfortunate! Impressive work from the group though.

    All in all, a good read!

  3. Nice trap setup. Too bad it was against you. :/

  4. “Some days you are the pigeon, other days you are the statue.”

    Yes, that was some good teamwork on their part, not much you could have done on that one mate.

    Now, as for logistics ships, you can have a lot of fun with those. We have from time to time we have gone out in a nano-logistics gang. We will fit for speed, remote repping and use those drone bays for combat drones instead of reppers. it’s a bit of a lolz roam, but we are usually successful as we can repair each other faster than we take damage.

  5. If we are never challenged how are we supposed to grow?
    I experienced a similar emotion earlier this morning, facing off against another player in a Rifter. His build allowed him to tank my damage long enough to splash my Rifter, Panty Dropper. We shared a great fight, but disappointment in my performance (and ultimately the outcome of the fight) proved my bed fellow.
    Without loss or even failure, how sweet is success?

  6. A well coordinated ambush with just the right types of ships on each side of the gate – very good job on the FC’s part keeping the rapier on the other side when you didn’t engage. Good engagement decisions on both sides, don’t feel down. Sometimes you just get out numbered by enemies who don’t make a mistake.

  7. 7 Burn Mac

    n00b stop losing ships!! No j/k not much to do you shouldve suspected something when that scimitar came in on you, but yeah everything is easy afterwards.

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