Complex Stuff


I hopped into my Rupture, complete with its new ECM drones, and opened up the star map. Which way to go? Breaking with my usual habit I decided to head south tonight and keyed my target system into the autopilot. There are a couple of quiet spots off the busy system of Aeschee and it was these that I was going to look at.

The first pocked I investigated was Adirain. This is a very quiet system with access to high security space. Because its a bit off the beaten track and neighbours safer systems we’ve had a lot of luck finding targets here as well as plenty of encounters with aspiring pirates like Psylar 0. Tonight there was a Vexor on scan and I bounced around a few planets tracking it down. Eventually I pinned him down to the Arnon gate and warped in at range. I wasn’t sure about taking out a Vexor with sentry fire so orbited him at 20 km and powered up targeting systems. The computer on the Vexor returned the favour but he continued to sit motionless. Considering my options I continued my lazy loops around the stationary ship. At this point Geaux Tiger entered the system and I quickly opened a comms channel with him. Sadly she was in a frigate so taking on the sentries wasn’t an option.

By this point I’d pretty much decided that the pilot was away from his console. I can only assume that he was either relieving himself, in the galley, or in his bunk. I didn’t care which. I closed right in and drew up alongside the Gallente cruiser. Picking a celestial object I aligned my ship for it and got the engines up to speed. While the ship accelerated I fired up my guns and blasted the stationary Vexor to smithereens, punching the warp command as soon as the ship began to explode. Geaux swept in to loot the wreck and then, after dumping the poor swag, headed back to pod the pilot for his own benefit. Fancy falling asleep at the helm like that.

While I waited for my criminal timer to expire I sat in a safe spot and had a play with my onboard scanner. Despite the fact that my Rupture isn’t fitted with any advanced scanning equipment, the onboard scanner can pick up the signatures of certain cosmic anomalies. This intrigued me and with three hits up on my system I loaded GalNet and began to do some research. After a good look around I convinced myself that a well equipped Jaguar should be able to deal with these complexes. I had, after all, used them to great effect against Sansha’s pirates in Stain. As soon as I got back to Hevrice I compiled a shopping list and sent Allii off to buy the ship and equipment I needed.

Equipped with my new ship I was ready to go and once again set sail for Adirain. I re-ran my scan and warped to the first signal. I was presented with a whole bunch of Serpentis frigates and battlecruisers. I initially thought that the frigates were the greatest threat to my ship but quickly learnt that once the battlecruisers get out to about 20 km range they become lethal and I had to warp out at several points. Eventually I got the hang of it and was able to prioritise the threats I was presented with. My Jaguar was more than up to the job; able, even, to deal with three battleships escorted by a host of destroyers without much difficulty.

With the first complex cleared I headed for the second. This one was much easier and my assault frigate had no problem despatching its targets.

This definitely isn’t as lucrative or exciting as a good kill but it is a good way of earning some ISK during quiet times without risking ships in the search of excitement. I’ll definitely be back for more.


6 Responses to “Complex Stuff”

  1. It takes like two seconds to make a safe spot…makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Anyway, glad you (and Geaux) got this careless pilot. … I was shooting rats myself last night in a Radar site. At the risk of sounding hugely care-bearish, I need to get my alt a salvaging ship into the neighborhood. It irks me to leave all those wrecks just lying there going to waste. I could use some “free” rigs eventually.

  2. Errrmmm…just looked at the killmail. That guy deserved to die with a stupid fit like that.

  3. 3 Spatterjay Hoop

    Warlord really likes these cosmic anomaly complexes, and i guess they’d be good isk makers for the quiet times, plus the added advantage your not in a belt,, and have a 30 sec window to gtfo if bad people turn up 😉

  4. @Mynxee It irks me too, to leave all those wrecks and any potentially nice salvage. I had a salvager fit to my Jaguar just because I had a spare slot so I could online it for any juicy boss spawns but leave it be for the normal stuff. I think I might be leaving a Thrasher down that neck of the woods soon enough.

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