A Good Day Gets Better


After my lucky escapes I headed to a safe spot in Hevrice to lick my wounds and repair my armour. Being a well trained pirate I was constantly scanning the system to see what I could find. All of a sudden I got a hit…

[ 2008.10.08 23:19:53 ] Wensley > march 2008 hyperion in top belt, hevrice!

Instantly my corp mates set their autopilots and started reporting their locations while I docked up to get a Claw ready for the tackle. We had a Hurricane and a Rifter incoming. I did another quick scan, confirmed his position and then warped in to pin him down while the cavalry jumped in.

[ 2008.10.08 23:24:53 ] Wensley > point

Hanging onto the point turned out to be a pretty hairy affair. The Hyperion pilot, in his infinite wisdom, was mining so I spent several minutes careening off asteroids and trying to stay in range while avoiding the danger of stasis webifiers. With more luck that judgement I managed to hold on until the Hurricane and Rifter arrived on the scene to finish him off. Blood lust had taken over and there was no question of a ransom. The pod was locked and popped and the corpse added to my collection.

[ 2008.10.08 23:31:16 ] Yahrr > but what was that bs doing in a belt man
[ 2008.10.08 23:31:58 ] Wensley > being a noob. post the mail, nupe!
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:14 ] Nupe > I did :p it is slow to show
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:25 ] Wensley > šŸ™‚
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:33 ] Nupe > probably at battleclinic already though
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:33 ] Yahrr > ill read it tomorrow in the train to work ghehe
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:36 ] Nupe > ;P
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:43 ] Yahrr > nice work guys
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:47 ] Ulan Battar > we got the loot yea?
[ 2008.10.08 23:32:56 ] Wensley > mining! ha ha!
[ 2008.10.08 23:33:12 ] Wensley > ronan, 5 mins too late for http://tskrs.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=532371
[ 2008.10.08 23:33:50 ] Ronan Jacques > ZANG! yesssss
[ 2008.10.08 23:34:01 ] Ronan Jacques > wtf what was that? just in a belt?
[ 2008.10.08 23:34:07 ] Wensley > top belt in hev
[ 2008.10.08 23:34:24 ] Wensley > 2098 damage claw. oh yeah!
[ 2008.10.08 23:34:49 ] Wensley > have you seen the tank on that thing? i could have soloed it
[ 2008.10.08 23:34:59 ] Wensley > 1 small shield extender I
[ 2008.10.08 23:35:04 ] Nupe > lol
[ 2008.10.08 23:35:15 ] Ronan Jacques > lol ya
[ 2008.10.08 23:35:30 ] Ulan Battar > lol

Just as the adrenaline was subsiding and we were getting it together after probably our best find in Hevrice so far I got another ping from the scan console.

[ 2008.10.08 23:35:50 ] Wensley > myrmi on scan
[ 2008.10.08 23:36:08 ] Ronan Jacques > haha, life is certainly good
[ 2008.10.08 23:36:11 ] Wensley > top belt, going in!

The belt was empty when I warped in. We readied the covert ops while I continued to scan around trying to pin him down. Just as I was about to give up…

[ 2008.10.08 23:40:38 ] Wensley > point
[ 2008.10.08 23:40:40 ] Wensley > Vi belt 3

This time we had a Brutix, Rifter, and a Hurricane warping in and even a well-fitted Myrmidon didn’t stand a chance. We lost the Rifter but the Myrmi folded pretty quickly. The local channel lit up with a plea for us to stop.

[ 2008.10.08 23:42:09 ] The Vixen > Stop
[ 2008.10.08 23:42:16 ] The Vixen > I’m applying to Tuskers and looking in the area.
[ 2008.10.08 23:42:28 ] Wensley > 30mil to stop

There was no response so we reduced the Myrmidon to rubble and then squished the pod. Just because you’re interested in joining us doesn’t make you safe from us. Especially if you don’t announce your intentions in our public channel. Anything that comes into Hevrice is fair game and if we can track it down and have enough firepower we will take it down.

I was rather pleased with the evening. So far I’d managed to get the hang of running cosmic anomalies, get away from two worryingly close calls, and kill a battleship and battlecruiser in Hevrice. It wasn’t over, though. Our covert ops pilot was scanning down mission runners and had just got a hit on a Dominix in Jovainon. We docked, reshipped, and fitted afterburners ready for working in a deadspace pocket and then twiddled our thumbs while we waited for our criminal timers to tick down. As soon as the sentry guns lost interest in us we rendezvoused on the gate, ready to spring our trap. While on the gate a Dominix jumped through but we didn’t aggress for fear of the sentries. There was a period of confusion as to whether this was our target but we were informed otherwise and jumped in and warped to the gate. As my Rupture slowed from its warp, subspace trails streaming off its flanks, I saw the Dominix 150 km away align and warp out while all of a sudden the deadspace entities despawned. The mission had been handed in.

We headed back to Hevrice, a bit disappointed after missing the Dominix but still on a high after our previous kills. It wasn’t over, though, before the night was through we managed to get a Wolf in Jovainon and a Catalyst in Hevrice. Definitely a good night’s work by all concerned!


5 Responses to “A Good Day Gets Better”

  1. I’m pretty he’ll say hello a few system ahead of time, before asking to join your corp.

    May this be a warning to all potential employee, they bite first, then ask questions!

    Seems you had fun!

  2. Sounds like you have a fun night mate. Nice kills too!!!

  3. Well at least he got a taste of what he would be in for, but I suspect that was just a ploy on his part. It amazes me that people rat in low sec belts with a battlecruiser when a well fitted (and much faster to get out) cruiser is perfectly adequate. And if you ain’t got the skills for a cruiser to be adequate, you sure as hell should not be flying a BC around in low sec!

    Anyway, what a productive night you had! It’s good to get in on a juicy feast once in awhile to make up for the depressing slow times, eh? Great teamwork, fellas. Give Yahrr my love šŸ™‚

  4. [ 2008.10.08 23:42:09 ] The Vixen > Stop
    [ 2008.10.08 23:42:16 ] The Vixen > Iā€™m applying to Tuskers and looking in the area.

    I have heard of that one before. Good job on the kills however and keep up the yarr.


  5. 5 ombeve

    A BS in a belt? Outstanding šŸ™‚ Especially one so badly fitted, and grats on the Myrmi kill

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