Eve Online Twitter Pack


Following on from Winterblink’s list of Eve Online Twitterers I’ve set up a Yahoo! Pipes service to amalgamate all of the feeds from members of the Blog Pack.


At the moment the Eve Online Twitter Pack includes the following tweets:

If you’d like to be added then either reply to this post or e-mail wensley@eve-mail.net and I’ll add you to the list and feed.

You can see the feed in action in my sidebar.

As recommended by grimmlock it would be good if we could mark all of our Eve twitters with “#Eve” to make them nice and easy to find.


10 Responses to “Eve Online Twitter Pack”

  1. Somehow the feed seems to be a day old. It’s showing my last tweet of the night and nothing of today’s tweets. That normal?

  2. Hmmm, it seems to be lagging by about an hour. Ga’len and I have been chatting since its last update and its not come through yet.

    Apparently Twitter’s RSS and feeds and Yahoo Pipes don’t always play nicely 😦

  3. Hey Wens. I just created a Twitter account. The feed is at http://twitter.com/evenewb. Throw me on the list when you get a chance.

  4. You’re more than welcome to add my feed to the list, good sir.

  5. 5 titanweekly

    Serious Sally from ENN here, just started twitter here is the address

  6. Not wholly sure if this is Blog Pack exclusive…if not then http://twitter.com/YoMma is mine. If it’s for Block Pack members only then…well…disregard what I’ve written haha!

  7. 8 SAwnAconite

    Same as the above, not part of the blog pack but I have a twitter account for my character at http://twitter.com/SawnAconite if anyone wants to follow!


  8. I might be a bit late, but it’s always a good habit to update old posts, right?

    I’m @Baeryn, and I’m the director of a long-running corporation, and heavy MD investor (through alts).

  1. 1 Twitter revisited | The Wandering Druid of Tranquility

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