September in Review


Seeing as Kirith has written up a review of the previous month, I thought it might be an idea to share with you the progress of Wensley’s ramblings.

Last month this site received 1,858 visitors, up from 606 in August. I’m sure this is almost entirely due to CK adding me to the Eve Blog Pack. In fact 77 of my visitors came from CK’s site with Spectre being the next highest source of visitors with 70 referrals. Thanks guys!

As well as clicking through from other sites, people are also finding me through web searches. The most common terms are, obviously, variations on my name with various qualifiers attached. The joint most popular term, though, was “how to pvp in a rifter”. This is definitely something I’m working on writing a proper guide for as my skills and experiences improve. Especially in light of recent follies.

The five (well, eight) most popular posts for September were:

  1. Eve Mail
  2. Beyond Reckless
  3. Eve Asset Manager
  4. Keep It Simple, Stupid
  5. Things Are Looking Up, Blog Fleet, and A Mixed Start

I’m glad to see that my reviews of Eve tools were popular and well received. I’ll definitely try and write some more over the next month so you can see all the great tools out there. Sadly, I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t test out the apps for that (unless someone wants to buy me one).

This month has seen me make the difficult decision to leave my 0.0 corp and start up a pirate life flying with Ka Jolo in the Tuskers. Most of the stories have been about me coming to terms with life as a pirate and trying to learn from my mistakes.

What have you guys enjoyed most over the last month? Do you have any favourite posts or stories? Is there something you’d like to see more of? Or less of? Let me know so I can try and make October an even better month.

Anyway, fly safe, everybody. Its been fun writing these logs and I look forward to more good stories, guides, and reviews in the months ahead.


2 Responses to “September in Review”

  1. I enjoy pretty much all of your posts, Wens…but of course, the ones about your mistakes and blunders are probably my favorites. For one thing, they make me realize I’m not the only one who isn’t perfect, and for another, they almost always offer some useful insight into how to avoid such mistakes in the future. Besides that, you have a great writing style that is engaging and easy to read. Consider me a fangirl.

  2. 2 ombeve

    Gratz mate, you are a good read 🙂

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