Normal Service Has Been Resumed


After the weekend’s bout of successful pirating I fairly quickly dropped back into my old habits. What does that entail? Mostly getting frustrated by a lack of targets and doing silly things in order to get a kill, usually ending in a loss mail instead.

Mistake The First

If there’s nothing on my usual patrol route I check out the systems around Aeschee and see what I can find in there. This time I couldn’t believe my luck as I scanned a Hulk down to a belt. Excited and with ISK symbols flashing before my eyes I engaged my warp drive and landed alongside the mining barge. Before the pilot could escape I locked, scrambled and settled into a nice, fast orbit. The Hulk released its drones so I shifted my fire and popped them one after the other. As the last drone disappeared my computer system flashed up a notification. The Hulk had started its self destruct sequence. Noooooooooooooo! The pilot ejected and I couldn’t even lock her pod. Damn. There was no way I could take down the empty Hulk before it exploded but I tried anyway and when I failed I vented my frustration by popping all of the full cargo containers that she’d jettisoned while mining. Not really a mistake but still gutting.

Mistake The Second

While on my routine patrol I come upon an Incursus class frigate and my Claw makes short work of it. So far so good. While waiting out my timer I scan around the belts and see a Thorax. But its not at the belt I had it on 5º scan from. What about the planet? Nope. Oh, he’s at the gate. Warp in at distance and check him out. Oh. Bugger. Sentry fire takes down my lovely new Claw.

Mistake The Third

Keen to try and make up for the loss of my beloved Claw I set my navigation systems for Eifer and went on an extended roam. In Auga I scanned down a novice Thorax pilot and pounced into his belt keen for a fight. I followed my usual fight routine and punched the orbit button while firing up the microwarp drive to get into a nice smooth orbit. As these systems kicked into life I turned my attention to my warp disruptors which locked on as soon as the target had resolved and my guns span up shortly afterwards.

Being a Gallente cruiser he quickly released a swarm of Hobgoblin I drones. Brilliant, nothing to fear there. I could easily kite them and pick them off at leisure. Only I couldn’t. What? The drones were keeping pace with me. I was taking damage. I looked at my speed, only 1.8 km/s. What?! A quick scan of my fittings showed me that in my haste and frustration I’d fitted an afterburner not a microwarp drive. There was no way I could win this fight so I bailed and ran to station with my tail between my legs as the local channel lit up with my opponent’s taunts.

[ 2008.09.29 22:39:52 ] CeeKey > silly little kiddo
[ 2008.09.29 22:40:01 ] CeeKey > run
[ 2008.09.29 22:40:17 ] Pyew > kiddo?
[ 2008.09.29 22:40:35 ] CeeKey > baby pirate wensley trying to be cool
[ 2008.09.29 22:41:13 ] Wensley > baby pirate wensley fitting the wrong modules 😦

Now us Tuskers don’t use the local channels to stir up trouble and ignore any smack talk our opponents give us but I felt ashamed and owned up to my mistake before running to my bunk and burying my head under the pillows in an attempt to hide from the shame of it all.

Mistake The Fourth

The next day I was keen to avoid any more potentially costly mistakes so quickly dashed into Amamake to pick up an overpriced microwarp drive for my Claw. With this fitted I scanned the belts and found a Nemesis in the top belt. Now stealth bombers usually do turn out to be my nemesis but this time I had the speed to avoid his missiles and run away if anything unpleasant warped in to join in the fun. Sadly, it wasn’t hostiles warping in that I should have worried about. As my artillery canons stripped the Nemesis of its shields a Rapier uncloaked and, with great relish, locked me and fired up its webs. Arse! There was no way I was getting out of this so all I could do was get ready to warp my pod away as my ship exploded. The customary good fights were exchanged in local and I retreated back to a station to lick my wounds and fit up a fiendishly expensive Stabber for the journey home.

Mistake the Fifth: When Carebears Bite Back

Back in Hevrice, Ronan informed me that he had young pilots in an Armageddon class battleship and Brutix class battlecruiser outside a station in Jovainnon. I ran to the hangar and fired up my new Rupture, Rupert II. As Ronan watched our targets I waited on the gate in Hevrice ready to pounce on his command.

[ 2008.10.01 00:59:51 ] Ronan Jacques > apoc may have jumped thru to you
[ 2008.10.01 01:00:03 ] Ronan Jacques > actually it’s a geddon, sorry
[ 2008.10.01 01:00:11 ] Wensley > tackled

The Armageddon had jumped through and it was flashing red so, knowing Ronan was on the other side of the gate, I fired up my tackling systems and engaged. Although its a tough little beast my Rupture was making no headway against the ‘Geddon’s fine tank and its lasers had already vapourised my shields. I used my microwarp drive to keep ahead of his drones and waited the arrival of Ronan while his huge guns slowly whittled away my armour, melting it plate by plate. Once Ronan’s Brutix had arrived and engaged the tide began to turn. We were breaking his tank but it wasn’t going down without a fight. I noticed that the pilot was no longer shooting at me and assumed that he’d turned his attention to the more threatening presence of the battlecruiser. It turns out I was wrong as, just as his tank began to fail, he jumped back in Jovainnon leaving us alone in Hevrice. Damn.

We’d sensed blood, though, and the quickening was upon us. As soon as I could I jumped into Jovainnon and reported a Drake on the gate. This should have caused alarm bells to ring but instead I targeted the Drake and settled into a orbit to see how he’d respond. The response was predictable. The ‘geddon warped back in and engaged me. Rupert II’s armour had already been destroyed in the previous attack and I didn’t last very long as the Drake opened up on me too. Ronan suffered a similar fate as a Dominix warped in to join the fray.

We definitely should have cut our losses when the Armageddon jumped back through rather than risk fighting on their terms. Never mind, we’ve learnt some lessons and the fact that our local ‘bears are willing to fight back could well make for some fun times as we get more and more into the swing of fighting together. Its definitely a reason not to wander too far from home lest I miss such good fights.

The tally for the week so far stands at 67 million ISK lost for 500,000 ISK destroyed. Ooops. Still, it was fun, if not gutting.


3 Responses to “Normal Service Has Been Resumed”

  1. Aha, Wensley, your posts are always somehow inspiring, amusing and reassuring at the same time! I sat in my Rapier for some time yesterday in Hevrice, watching those two sit on the Jov gate…wishing I had some pals around to help take them on. Glad you engaged them even though it didn’t turn out in your favor.

    *Mynxee raises a glass (well, okay a cup of coffee) to more profitable times ahead!

  2. I ran into that Brutix pilot late last night in Jovainnon. 26 days old and missioning in a Brutix, so I waited for a while at the gate to see if I could trick it into firing on me within range of the gate guns.. Looks like the pilot is smarter than their age shows..

  3. Better luck next time bro…geddon is a hard nut to crack to be sure. 🙂

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