A Good Day


Us pirates have good days and bad days. My career as a brigand started off with more than a couple of the bad variety but, as I’ve already said, I’m settling in now and yesterday was definitely one of the good days.

I’ve already told you about the Myrmidon that Selma Body and myself managed to ransom but there was more to it than that. After spending Saturday failing to get points on a couple of mission and complex runners it was music to my ears when Yahrr formed up a gang to take down a mining Vexor that he had been lulling into a false sense of security. The poor guy must have nearly had a heart attack when two Ruptures and a Taranis dropped out of warp alongside him and proceeded to pulverise his ship with no resistance at all. I was a bit annoyed by my failure to get into gun range before the fight was over, mind. As a nice little bonus he dropped an Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing book that I was about to scour the markets for so that saved me a trip and a few ISK.

My next encounter was a Taranis in Costolle. Now, normally I’d be cautious about engaging such a speedy, hard-hitting little ship but today I thought I’d give it a bash. My confidence was reinforced by the knowledge that he’d have to get in close for his blasters to be effective and as well as having webs fitted I also had a nosferatu and energy neutraliser pairing that would drain his cap and break his speed tank. It took a bit of work to get him to engage. I landed in a belt with him but he fled, leaving the cap he’d been orbiting behind. Certain that he’d eventually come back for his stuff I sat next to his can awaiting his return. Sure enough he soon warped back in and I was ready for him. In fairly quick order I had him pointed and then a pulse of the microwarp drive later his was webbed and neuted. I’d loaded Republic Fleet EMP ammo into my guns to avoid any tracking issues and my autocannons and drones destroyed his ship before he could do me any damage. I scooped the loot from his wreck and can and docked up to sort through my swag.

Back in Hevrice a few hours later I had a Celestis on scan in one of the belts. There was also a criminally flagged Ishtar in system but he was out of scan range for the time being so I loaded up Hail and warped in for the quick kill. Now the thing about Hail is it has a horribly short range so I needed to get right up in the Celestis’ face. Closing the gap cost me valuable time and as the cruiser’s hull began to fail the Ishtar warped into the belt and put its point on me. Once the Celestis was disposed of I turned my attentions to this threatening heavy assault cruiser. This, sadly, is where my day takes a slight turn for the worse. The Ishtar was already moderately heavily damaged with only about 10% of its armour remaining but it was fitted for speed not tank. The pilot was happy to keep range on me and despite a couple of attempts to get him into range of my webs, I ultimately failed to manage it. I also had Hail loaded into my guns and in the heat of combat didn’t change back to the longer-ranged Barrage ammunition I usually fire. I was horrified to watch my guns spitting out shells but the heavy armour-piercing cartridges just ended up floating uselessly in space kilometers away from my target. My capacitor was spent, my target out of range, and my fate inevitable. Oh well, it was time to meet some friends in the station bar anyway, one of them was heading out of the region so a few farewell drinks were in order.

Warmed by the alcohol and seeking to avenge the fate of Rupert I wandered down to the hangar once the festivities on the observation deck had drawn to an end. Before me sat my Claw, an interceptor that I’m still trying to master the use of and a ship that was probably fast enough to be able to balance out the effects of my slightly impeded reactions. I blasted out into space and noticed that the Myrmidon pilot from the previous night had joined our public channel on GalNet. He was hunting in Ouelletta and I couldn’t find any targets to the south of Hevrice. Now, as Mynxee has already said, one should never assume that your privateering acquaintances won’t shoot you and I took advantage of this intelligence to head up the pipe and see what was going on. I fairly quickly scanned down a Thorax at a planet and warped in to engage. My speedy interceptor would easily outrun their drones and even at high speed my artillery canons could do significant damage to a cruiser-sized target. I dropped out of warp and low and behold my target was again piloted by Rugeden. Without hesitating I engaged, easily holding off the drones that struggled to keep up with my ship while hammering round after round into the cruiser’s hull. To increase my damage I pulsed my microwarp drive, teasing the drones as the hurried to catch up with me while my tracking systems took advantage of the slower orbit to maximise their accuracy. Pretty soon his structure was starting to fail and once again I offered him the chance to save his ship in return for a donation to the Rupert Memorial Fund. At first he didn’t pay up so I kept my fire on him until with about 25% structure remaining my wallet flashed. I freed my unfortunate victim and headed back to station, pleased with my day.

Three kills, one loss, and 14,000,000 in ransom is not a bad day’s work. My total loot had easily paid for Rupert II and I looked forward to fitting her up some time in the future. For now, though, I might spend a bit more time getting to know my Claw.


One Response to “A Good Day”

  1. Great read…nice to get those kind of productive days where you end up with plenty to report. Poor Rupert, though 🙂 May his Memorial Fund fund many successors.

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