There’s nothing like the timelessness of deep space to confuse your diurnal rhythms. It was late and I couldn’t sleep. The steely grey walls of my room in the Hevrice station felt like the walls of a prison. Life in deep space isn’t known for its luxury but even an experienced pod pilot like myself can feel hemmed in sometimes. I needed to get out and stretch my legs. As I opened the door of my quarters the lights in the corridor flickered into life and I found my feet taking me down towards my hangar as much out of habit as a desire to see my ships. When I punched the switch I was temporarily blinded by the flicker of fluorescent lighting but once my eyes had adjusted to the harsh glare my gaze settled on one of my favourite ships, my new Stabber. There was no way I was going to get to sleep right now so I may as well take her for a spin.

The docking bay doors opened I felt the welcoming embrace of deep space. The stars twinkled and the station lights provided a gentle glow that lit my otherwise dark cockpit in a pleasing way. A glance at the communication systems showed me that Selma Body, a new member of the Tuskers, was hunting a few systems away so I set my course and headed out to join her.

Selma had found a Myrmidon in Loes that looked like it was ratting. She’d seen T1 drones and was keeping an eye on the pilot but didn’t want to engage alone in her Amarrian Punisher. I was blazing a trail towards her, hopping through jump gates as quickly as my computer systems would allow. As I arrived into Loes, Selma reported that the Myrmi had retreated to a safe spot but we kept scanning and hunting the belts, keen to find this juicy prey. It happened all of a sudden. I was in a belt preparing to move on and scan my next destination when the Gallente battlecruiser dropped out of warp about 30km from me. I quickly cancelled my planned warp, started to cycle up my weapon systems, and punched the microwarp drive to close range. The pilot made no attempt to get away and my targeting computer quickly resolved the lock and my warp disruptor kicked in, pinning him in place. Battlecruisers are big heavy ships and I was sure my Stabber would be fast and nimble enough to evade him. He launched his drones and set them on me while I made sure that I used my microwarp drive judiciously to keep myself outside of his webs’ range while incapacitating his drones; if I got caught then I was surely dead. The ensuing dance was complicated by a couple of unplanned asteroid collisions but I was able to keep range until he gave up trying to catch me.

By this point Selma was happily plugging away taking out the drones one at a time so I concentrated on my main job and turned my guns on our fearsome opponent. Rounds of Barrage span across space as my autocannons churned them out. The sound of high tech rounds tearing into armour was music to my ears and Selma was holding up well in her fight against the drones. When he brought out heavy Ogre drones I took my guns off his ship momentarily and used them in support of Selma’s efforts so she could concentrate on the smaller drones that threatened her ship most. By now Rugeden, our victim, had turned his attention to Selma and I was free to chip away at will. The Stabber doesn’t boast a huge amount of damage but its speed and range allow it to attack with a certain degree of impunity while it slowly takes down its target.

It was getting close now, Selma was beginning to run out of capacitor charges to keep her tank going but I’d managed to strip away the last of Rugeden’s armour. As his structure began to fail I opened communications and offered him the chance to save his ship in exchange for a ransom. He quickly agreed and once the 20,000,000 ISK were transferred to my account we ceased fire and let him be. Well, I did. I’d forgotten to tell Selma that I was conducting the ransom so she kept her point on him for a while afterward.

It was a really enjoyable fight and hearty congratulations and thanks were shared between all parties when everyone had retreated to a safe place to lick their wounds, fix their ships, or share the booty. Once again thanks to Rugeden for a good fight and Selma for her excellent work on drone control. We formed a pretty good team and although it was perhaps a little too close for Selma’s comfort at the end perhaps we got the job done with no ship losses.

Satisfied with a good night’s work, I docked up in Loes and arranged for a bunk there. I don’t know if it was the kill or the change of scene but once I’d finished my corp paperwork I dropped off pretty quickly and got a good night’s sleep.


3 Responses to “Insomnia”

  1. 1 ombeve

    That is a nice writeup, I love your descriptions of the mechanics of Eve 🙂

  2. Nice report…and congrats on excellent teamwork to get that ransom. I am too cautious overall…in your place, I doubt I would have taken on the Myrm. I need to change that.

  3. 3 Ronan JAcques

    Good work indeed! It is a good day for Tuskers, and I thought only Jolo had a good story for today!

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