Well, it turns out that it wasn’t a very determined camp. I wandered down to my hangar an hour or so later to see what was going on outside. As the docking bay doors opened I was craning to see out of the Rupture cockpit’s window and to my relief I was greeted with a completely empty docking lane. There were reports of a camp elsewhere in Old Man Star on my communication channels but I didn’t care, I set my navigation computer for home and engaged the warp drives. The rest of the journey was uneventful and my gift arrived safely back at Hevrice. As soon as I can equip electronic warfare drones I’ll be heading out in her to see what she can do. Actually, I might take a day to study how my targeting systems work as well because I’ve noticed that cruiser-sized ships take far too long to acquire a lock and I’ve lost some juicy prey to that. Still, its only a couple of days. For now I’ll stick to the Jaguar.

If there’s any lesson I’ve learnt from this experience its that I should probably go and turn off the auto targeting feature on my pod’s systems. If I hadn’t opened fire the sentries would have left me alone and I’d have been able to jump out. Oh well, it was only a couple of million lost on a potentially valuable lesson. You do only learn from your mistakes after all.


3 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Absolutely turn off the auto-target back. Its been the downfall of many.

  2. never ever auto target back bro, good way to get a friend killed ( especially if they remote rep you and you hit the wrong button) you know the other reason now too. Glad you able to get your prize home.


  3. 3 jhez

    Lesson 3: Campers are lazy… camping is boring.


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