Camped In


Its been a slow day here in Gallente low sec. So slow, in fact, that while roaming I was getting pretty bored and started to read various posts on GalNet rather than pay attention to what I was doing. This is never advisable at the best of times and even less so when travelling through Invicta’s home system. No sooner had I started to read one of Flashfresh’s tales then I turned back to my console to see that my shields were peeling away and I was being engaged by a Sleipnir and the sentry guns. What the fuck?! I spammed the jump command begging the gate operator to save me from the autocannons that were now tearing through my armour. But my request was refused. I’d engaged in hostile acts. What?!

It seems that while I was busy reading tales of gate violence several light years away, I’d been sitting at a potentially hostile gate with my weapon systems cycled. I guess the Sleipnir pilot had assumed that I’d jump straight through when he targeted me like any sane person. But I didn’t and my target systems returned his lock and my idling guns span up. I was trapped, away from the console, and about to face the fearsome wrath of the Minmatar Sleipnir. My ship didn’t last long but at least my pod was allowed to make the jump to safety.

Shaken by my stupidity I got out of my pod and headed to one of Old Man Star’s many bars to drown my sorrows. After a few drinks I returned to my hangar pleased to see that it wasn’t empty. I set up my waiting Rupture for a quick spin back to Hevrice to lick my wounds and order another ship from my supplier. The docking bay doors opened and I crawled out into the black of space only to be greeted by a large fleet station camping. Shit. My first instinct was to try and warp away but I was locked and pointed as I aligned and accelerated. Damn. My shields melted and my armour was in trouble. This time, though, I was ready at the console and hadn’t returned fire. My desperate pleas to the docking officer were heeded and I was able to safely re-enter the station before Rupert suffered any permanent damage. Still, I had an expensive repair bill and my pride had been bruised even further.

So now I’m stuck in a station in a hostile system with no supplies and nothing available to me at anything except obscene mark-ups. Time to find a beer and a good book.


8 Responses to “Camped In”

  1. For some reason I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when you said that your Rupture was named “Rupert”. Sounds exactly like the type of ship name I would use.

    Some advice for station camps. You should really have an undock bookmark that will let you instantly warp away from any of the stations that you keep your ships at and that will make station camps easily bypassed. You might already know and have such bookmarks but just in case you don’t, there is the suggestion.

  2. Oh, I do, I’ve been a 0.0 resident long enough to know that. This was just a gift that I picked up along the way and thought I’d take home seeing as I was in the neighbourhood.

    I can’t believe there’s only one shuttle for sale in Old Man Star and its 8,888,888.88 ISK. Bugger that.

  3. Being station camped is indeed a big pain in the ###!

    Been there, had it done to me, and indeed have participated in doing it to someone else.

    At least (not being 0.0) they will lose interest in a day…

  4. I dubbed my Rupture “Poon Bucket”. The named seemed fitting as the Rupture reminds me of a big bucket full of clams.

    May your travels be furtive, and your targeting computers never waiver.

  5. 5 ombeve

    Noooo, not auto-lockback! That’s caused me problems from time to time- usually when I have to wipe my cache and the settings all get reset! Good writeup 🙂

  6. Ouch m8 any way to CJ out? Otherwise your gift may go up in smoke. 😦

  7. 7 spatterjay

    someone I know once wrote a guide to configering your client for pvp,and I am fairly certain it speceficaly mentioned setting “auto target back” to zero,ah well,lesson learned :-/

  8. 8 jhez

    Never anger Scotty… I did a couple of times and it was costly in pod and ship…

    AND FFS LEARN YOUR BASIC PVP LESSONS… do not idle with guns cycled, unless you mean it. You need to go back to DGAF Training… Splatter is waiting for you with the riding crop in hand.


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