Wensley Imicusbane


I love my Jaguar, I really do, so I’ve been flying it a lot lately while I work out what the best use for my Stiletto and Claw is. Also good is the return of young pilots to our home system and I’ve been getting used to my lovely new assault ship by blowing them to tiny little pieces. So much so that Ka Jolo joked that I should change my name to Wensley Imicusbane. It might not be massively profitable but it keeps the itchy trigger finger ticking over and is unlikely to result in an embarrassing loss.

Another Fruitless Roam To Tama

Yet again I had decided that I wanted targets that were a bit more exciting than just week old pirates in frigates so I set course for Tama to see what I could find. Once again I got chased by a recon for a few systems but this time when I got to Tama it was the exact opposite of my last visit. No more single drunk Vexor pilot. Instead he’d been replaced by a lot of heavy ships that were either territorial pirates of members of the local militia. Either way it brought back memories of when the Russians try to enforce their claim on Amamake and I decided the best course of action was to leave before I got jumped.

A New Toy

Finally after weeks of patient study I am now capable of running tech 2 cruiser-sized autocannons. This means that I can finally fit up a Stabber without costly rigs and to celebrate I did just that. Wanting to see what this baby could do I headed back to Metropolis on a hunt for targets. I found a ratting Rupture and quickly warped in to engage. My cruiser’s slow targeting system seemed to take forever to get a lock. My victim wasn’t alert enough though and eventually the Minmatar computer systems resolved on him and my warp disruptor engaged. He was trapped and I settled into a comfortable orbit while my new babies span up and began to spit out rounds of the dreaded Barrage ammunition. It seemed to take forever to wear through his shields and I was starting to doubt my ship’s offensive capability. Although I had the urge to inch closer and closer towards him I resisted the impulse because I knew what had happened last time I did that, admittedly against a much more experienced pilot. Finally his shields gave way and in the time it took me to initiate a ransom conversation his armour and hull were peeled away leaving nothing but a wreck with the occasional spark arcing across it as the generators gave a last sigh. He managed to warp his pod away before I could lock him down but I collected an okay supply of loot before continuing my roam. I might even stay out here for a couple of days and see what I can achieve.


3 Responses to “Wensley Imicusbane”

  1. Gratz on the Stabber…I love mine, lost it in a friendly duel with a friend though, so need to get and fit another. I’ll be interested to see how you like it compared to the Jaguar after you’ve flow it more.

  2. ooooo tech 2 mediums…. drooooool……

  3. 3 spatterjay

    nice one wens t2 fit stabber is my second favorite minnie boat:-) barrage makes all the diference

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