Settling In


Finally after a fairly hairy start to my pirate life I’ve started to settle down into the ebb and flow of outlaw life. I no longer risk expensive ships in fights just for fun. If I get even the vaguest sniff of a trap I just move on and live to fight another day. I’m earning enough ISK to keep myself in ships and ammo and starting to get some decent ransoms. I even know the systems we hunt in regularly and have a feel for the pilots that I see in the local channel.

Most reassuring of all though is that the “Chances of enemy survival” statistic on my killboard profile has finally dropped below 50%! Yay! Bring out the grog!


3 Responses to “Settling In”

  1. You can always do what I do Wens, steal everything that’s not bolted down.

    It may sound stupid, but taking the time to loot abandoned rat wrecks, as well as the occasional floating husk of a destroyed player ship and abandoned drones really helps keeping your balance in the black.

    I made around 15 mil doing that over the past two weeks, just from the stuff I came across conducting my normal business (i.e. if i scan no players, I scan for wrecks in the belts as well and just check those out).

    It’s not much, but it adds up over time.

  2. It is really hard to get into the mindset of not plunging into certain death every time a potential encounter pops up. As much FUN as it is to do so, it gets very costly very fast.

  3. I haven’t quite learned this non-kamikaze lesson yet…there’s always this sort of “WHEEEEEEEEEE and damn the consequences!” attitude that comes over me when I see any lone ship smaller than a battleship. I don’t give in most of the time (kinda depends on how in love I am with the ship I’m flying), but I want to. Probably explains why I’m such a crappy poker player.

    Using probes, you can find a LOT of abandoned drones (often T2’s) in systems where folks run a lot of missions. Nobody seems to bother to go back for them. Might as well scoop them and sell them.

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