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I’m not sure what it is about Gallente space at the moment but its definitely not what I’d call a target rich environment. Ka Jolo seems to be finding the odd frigate in the wee small hours of the morning but for us mere mortals kills are a bit thin on the ground. This means that at the moment I’m probably spending more of my time chatting in various comms channels than I am actually killing stuff, although I did get a nice T2 fit Punisher a couple of days ago.

The result of one of these chats was that Mynxee and I decided to go on a little roam and see if we could link up with Spectre to have a little tour of Black Rise and Caldari space in general. After quite a few teething troubles trying to get our voice comms channels up and running we set off towards Aurohunen. The first half of the journey was pretty uneventful. There were systems with reasonable numbers in local but like our home systems they were all in haulers or docked in the comforts of a station. Once we were halfway there things picked up a bit and we ran about half a dozen systems with a Pilgrim and Harbinger either chasing us or just heading in the same direction. Luckily our Jaguar and Stabber were nice and nimble so we didn’t get caught.

Upon arriving in Aurohunen we discovered that Spectre had decided to retire to his cabin for a while but ended up chatting with Helicity in local and ended up adding Helicity and another Python Cartel pilot to our fleet. The plan was simple, we were going to head to Tama and either gank or be ganked. We couldn’t lose, that place is a notorious hotbed of non-stop PvP. So we set off, scanning each system as we went but not finding any targets.

Once we jumped into Tama we all spent a few minutes making safe spots. Surely we were going to need them. A bunch of hardcore PvP pilots are likely to have a prober amongst them and we were going to need to keep moving. Safe spots complete we began scanning around. Nothing. Really. This notorious system was empty. What was going on? To our relief a Vexor appeared on scan and began flying around the system erratically and babbling in local. Turns out he’d had a beer or two. Anyway, we split up and begin following around but every time we got a hit on him he’d warped before anyone could get a point. This wasn’t helped by the fact that most of us had afterburners fit rather than microwarp drives so he had plenty of time to get away. This carried on for probably an hour or so with us getting near and not so near misses on him. We didn’t understand it. We’d been promised a fiery death and all we had was a drunken fool in a Vexor running around and not engaging us.

In the end the Vexor decided to duel with an experience guy in a Rupture and, unsurprisingly got melted. Deprived of our target we bounced around a bit more and then gave up for the night. Helicity at least got a fiery death but not a glorious one, his pod interface disconnected just as a couple of cruisers turned up near his Punisher.

Oh well, at least I have the trip home to look forward to at some point.

Ninja edit to fix the name of Tama. No-one noticed, honest.


7 Responses to “Blog Fleet”

  1. Way to beat the rest of us to the punch with a blog post about our adventures, Wens!!! LOL! I’m pretty sure it was in Tama (not Mara) where we chased that fool around and couldn’t find anyone to gank us, despite there being 22 in Local! And despite announcing our presence and some info about what we were flying being shared in Local.

    I’m sorry I had a phone call I had to take and missed the business with the Rupture…I would’ve engaged him. Heck, by the time we decided to call it a night, I was half ready to go shoot at a POS or something…ANYTHING! The whole way back home was a ghost town as well except for one guy in an Ares who dogged me for a few jumps. He *said* he kept locking me and then I’d warp before his disruptor engaged. Ok…I have some lag in my connection but even after toying with him at gates by lingering a couple of seconds, I never saw him targeting me. I gave half a thought to just sitting there and letting him aggress me, but I was tired. Besides, had no webber fitted and probably would’ve gotten no joy. So back home and to bed I went.

    Despite the lack of targets, it was a lot of fun roaming with you, Hel, and Bfoster and getting to know you guys from the “other” side of the blog. Missed having Spec along…we should do this again soon when he can join us. We could put together quite a little fleet comprised of Python Cartel, Tuskers, and Hellcats….although we might have to end up shooting at each other if our luck in finding targets doesn’t improve.

  2. Hah! He’s fast that blogger-pirate 😉

    I still had fun, the pod-interface crashing was a bit unfortunate, but it was definitely worth repeating sometime 😀

    Oh and Wens, it was in Tama, not Mara 😉

  3. Yeah, it was Tama. The fact that we were at it until 3am and I had a meeting with my boss at 9am means my brain was a bit fuddled when I wrote this. Will fix the post 🙂

  4. Oh by the way, this has actually given me a little nugget of an idea that I’m going to try and turn into a fully-formed plan and get back to you all with.

  5. Meh sorry I wasn’t around. The area was dead and Rock Band 2 was calling my name.

  6. 6 Ronan JAcques

    Well at least you had a nice bonding experience!
    As has been noted repeatedly, by various pirate scum throughout low-sec, it’s feast or famine out there.

  1. 1 Wensley Imicusbane « Wensley: The Pirate Diaries

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