Roaming, Roaming, Roaming


Armed with a shiny new Claw I decided to abandon my resolution to not roam in anything too expensive and set out for a wander around New Eden. I started in Hevrice and worked my way up to Aurohunen to explore Spectre’s hunting grounds. No targets but lots of Python Cartel pilots in local. I did a couple of quick loops through the local systems but not a single target revealed itself.

Keen to continue my roaming run I set my navigation computer for Amamake and set off to see what was in my old hunting grounds. As I passed through Old Man Star I scanned a Coercer destroyer in a faction warfare complex. I was feeling bloodthirsty and without stopping to check any details I warped in on the deadspace complex and fired up the acceleration gate. My ship leapt forward with the stomach curdling speed that interceptors possess. It was just a short jump and no sooner had I recovered from the acceleration than me ship began decelerating rapidly. I popped out of warp right on top of my target and, shaken, fired up the MWD to try and get to safety. The Coercer pilot, a member of The Dead Parrot Shoppe was quicker than me and got a volley off in short order. A second volley came and I was in trouble. I started to align for my escape but the third volley caught me before I could get away. My warp systems were in disarray and I was shocked by the impact. Seconds later a fourth and final volley disintegrated my pod and left me shaking my head groggily as I emerged from a clone vat.

I was furious with myself and instantly hopped into a fully fitted Rifter keen to find some kills to avenge the death of my rigged Claw. I kept my navigation systems pointing to Amamake and resumed my quest. I barely saw a single ship, never mind a target. All I had to console myself with was a pirate’s pod autopiloting towards a gate that I gleefully shredded with my autocannons. Once in Amamake I headed up to Eifer looking for more targets. I found a system with a Scythe in it but I couldn’t pin it down so I was forced to carry on.

So, despite an absolutely mammoth trek I barely have a single adventure to report. All in all a disappointing weekend for me. At least my good friend has been out shopping for me and I have a couple of new ships and plenty of modules working their way towards me. Plus I’ll be able to fit advanced weapons onto my Stabber by next weekend so hopefully that’ll let me roam a bit more and find juicier targets. Lord knows, I need the ISK.


5 Responses to “Roaming, Roaming, Roaming”

  1. Those damn birds! They’ve gotten me before, as well. I’ve gone on some rather long solo roams with exactly the same results. Not that you don’t see folks around, but finding someone to solo seems very tough–especially in the area of OMS with all the faction warfare people about. You can always come on over to my neck of the woods and we can run together…between my corpmates and local friends, we could surely put together a small gang that would have a better chance of getting some kills.

  2. Hang around up in Auro/Mara/Passari/Ishomilken a little bit longer next time you come by Wensley. It is never, ever quiet or devoid of targets for that long (especially in Mara). Next time if I am around, perhaps we can gang up.

  3. 3 jhez

    And we are so sad to see your trust fund be in the hands of a bad-bad man. New trust fund added in the bank… ehm… bounty office.

  4. 4 Jay

    hey bro, now ya know why i still use rifters mostly 🙂 dont worry about it i lost my first 3 interceptors as well

  5. 5 yahrr

    special for you wens, his destroyer is no more… i also mistook him as a noob destroyer and it was a really close fight. his 8 pulse lasers nearly ripped my ishkur apart! man, what a mean machine of death!

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