Eve Tools: Eve Mail


Eve Mail is a great tool and one that I’ve started using more and more so I thought I’d write a little bit about it.

Like many pod pilots I like to keep my planet-side life separate from my time in a capsule. Eve-mail lets me do this by separating out space-faring communications out from the more mundane day to day business of life in New Eden or any other galaxy. For a completely negligible fee of 0.01 ISK Lake will set you up with a customised e-mail address using your CONCORD authorised handle, for example wensley@eve-mail.net. I now use mine for all business when I’m not in my pod. You can check this e-mail using almost any interface from web mail to POP and IMAP servers. Brilliant!

It gets better than this, though, because Eve Mail also provides access to a Jabber server so you can chat to other pod pilots even when you aren’t wired into your capsules. There’s even an automated postmaster that will answer queries such as checking your wallet’s balance and skill training progress updates. There are more advanced options for corporations that would allow you to send out-of-pod updates to pilots such as juicy targets or calls to arms for defence (or attack) operations.

So, even when I’m on shore leave I can still have my finger on the pulse and receive important (and trivial) updates about what’s going on up there in space.


9 Responses to “Eve Tools: Eve Mail”

  1. Another vote here for eve-mail. I haven’t used Jabber yet…guess I should check that out.

  2. 2 jhez

    I just want one that forwards my ingame mail to my e-mail…

  3. Damn good idea. Thanks for the heads up on this one – going to sign up and damn fine blog too. Linked onto mine.


  4. 4 ombeve

    I had no idea Eve-Mail even existed. Sounds like an excellent idea, thanks for the linky

  5. Thanks for the positive review =)

    Two quick notes:

    1) Feel free to message me on Jabber (XMPP), or via my eve-mail address (I also read the_postmaster address) with any questions, suggestions, etc. Don’t worry about pestering me, if I’m busy or unavailable I’ll just get back to you later.

    2) There is more information (and an alternative contact method) in the Eve-Online forum thread (and I don’t exactly mind the bumps, heh) http://myeve.eve-online.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=665867

    Enjoy the service!


  6. P.S. The fee is actually 0.10 ISK not 0.01 as this is the minimum transfer amount. Weird huh?

  7. 7 Nero Prime

    Is this service still available? I can’t sign-on even after transferring the isk.

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