Things Are Looking Up


Borrowing my mother’s catch phrase, things are looking up. I don’t mean that I’ve got a slap up dinner and a nice bottle of wine in front of me – my bank balance isn’t quite that good again yet – but that fortune is starting to smile in my general direction again. If not smile, then at least scowl slightly less.

I woke with a hangover. After my disastrous few hours I’d docked at the nearest station and headed straight for the bar. Groaning slightly I flicked the switch on my hangar wall and shaded my eyes as the fluorescent lights flickered into life. The hangar was empty but I headed to the nearest computer terminal and logged into my personal NeoCom. Looking through my assets I realised that my situation wasn’t quite as bleak as I’d thought. I still had plenty of Rifters and most of the fittings for them. I’d woken up in Amamake, though, and my gear was a long way from here. Not to worry, the insurance on my Thrasher had given me enough ISK to fit up a combat-worthy Rifter so after a few minutes shuttling between stations to collect components and bribing deck crews into fitting them for me I was ready to go.

As soon as I undocked my hangover faded in my head. My senses were crystal clear again, no longer fogged by fatigue or the after effects of the evil Matarian spirits I’d drunk last night. Flashing through one system after another I finally found a target and did what I do best, pointed my Rifter at him and opened fire. Seconds later my victim’s Rifter exploded in a flash of light and I quickly shifted my targeting systems to his escape pod. I tried my first ransom attempt and it was denied. His loss, I wasn’t going to be messed with today and exploded his fragile capsule.

After I’d swept up the loot, docked, and celebrated with a good meal I got a call on my corporation’s private channel. Yahrr was tracking a Myrmidon through the belts near our home system. I ran to the cloning bay and excitedly told the staff to send me to my clone in Hevrice. There was darkness, a flash, and then darkness again. As I stepped out of the clone bay into the Gallente station my head pounded again. This time due to the cloning process rather than my night’s excess. Scanning my bay I saw an unfitted Stabber and quickly got the ground crew to set her up. I burst out of the docking bay and rushed to Yahrr’s side, eager for another kill. As I dropped out of warp alongside him he informed me that our targets were a Rupture and a Myrmidon, both young pilots. We had my Stabber and his Ishkur. The plan was simple, I’d tackle the battlecruiser and he’d take the Rupture. I’d hold my target in place while he destroyed the cruiser and then we could deal with the Myrmidon together. We leapt into warp and dropped on our targets. Both of us deployed our tackling gear and I powered away from the Myrmidon before he could web me and ruin my speed advantage. Drones were deployed but Yahrr had been called primary so I settled into a steady orbit and lobbed shells at the Myrmidon from outside its blaster range.

As the Rupture’s hull began to give way Yahrr reported that dreaded problem. He’d run out of capacitor. The Rupture was gone. Destroyed or escaped we didn’t know but we concentrated our fire on the Myrmidon. His armour was buckling quickly now and I initiated a ransom offer. Panicked by our onslaught the Myrmidon pilot ignored our offer and we redoubled our efforts to finish off his ship. After the explosion had subsided his pod was sitting in space locked down by both our tackling gear. Another ransom was offered and declined resulting in the death of his pod too.

Looking around at the aftermath neither of our computers had logged the death of the Rupture and there was no evidence of a wreck. It looked like he’d escaped when Yahrr’s tackle gear had failed. Never mind, we scooped a cool 12 million ISK worth of loot from the Myrmidon and I was back on the road to financial recovery.


5 Responses to “Things Are Looking Up”

  1. 1 ombeve

    Excellent blog you have here- glad I stumbled across it. Like your writing style 🙂

  2. Enjoyable read as always. What a silly fit on that guy’s Rifter. Gratz on the Myrm.

  3. I’m always shocked at how many people loose their pods, especially when they know their ship is doomed. I like reading about the transition your making into a life of lets say, “less than ethical business practices.”

  4. @sgavenger: I’m glad you’re enjoying the transition. Its a suprising learning curve from “what the hell, I can always make the ISK back ratting” to “is it worth the risk?”. After a few moments of sublime stupidity I’m starting to get into the right frame of mind for this. As for losing pods, I’m always spamming the warp button as soon as I know the fight is lost. I have a 10,000,000 ISK bounty on my pod and despite many ship losses I’ve always got it out safely. Yay for no bubbles in low sec. When I can afford them I might even run around in pirate implants.

  5. Kindly lose your cash and turn to hiring your services as a hauler slave to me again.


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