Keep It Simple Stupid


Right, that’s my third combat ship loss today. This is getting silly and expensive. I don’t have the resources to keep losing cruisers like this so I’m going to make a resolution:

I will only fly Rifters when I’m soloing until I can fit T2 guns on a Stabber.

Hopefully this will at least keep my loses affordable and make me pick my fights better. Plus, all the kills I’ve made I could have made in my Rifter and several of the ones that got away wouldn’t have.


14 Responses to “Keep It Simple Stupid”

  1. T1 stabbers tend to be a bit on the weak side, tbh. So that’s a good choice. You know exactly what you can ask of your rifter – and the losses are cheaper.

  2. My fellow blogger learn and heed this advice…eve is not In my opinion, a solo PvP game..grab a friend or two and then go…no friend no fly bro

  3. Manasi, we taught him that… he just likes to go solo too…


  4. As Ecath says, I do a bit of both. If there’s a gang I’m always one of the first to sign up but if I’m on and there’s not much doing then I’ll go for a roam on my own.

    We’re a young corporation so our ranks are a bit thin at the moment but we have people signing up all the time so the number of roaming gangs can only increase.

  5. I’m starting to think Manasi has a point.

  6. Well, Mynxee, he has a point, but Wensley has a web and autocannons as well. My ISK is on Wensley…. have been since day 2 of Eve for him.

  7. I will comment, since we’ve been having a Rifter vs Stabber discussion on my blog recently: Both ships are basically tacklers. Sure you can fit them for other jobs but they are happiest when tackling. Both have their place. But without someone to back up your tackle, both are a little light on armor or shielding to really solo well. Controlling the engagement (which their speed allows you to do) is not necessarily the same as winning it.

    BTW I’m sticking to the Rifter as my heaviest ship most of the time till I can fit T2 guns to my cruisers. I can pretty much afford to loose an unlimited number of them. That being said I have just completed some pure T1 Stabbers for use in specific situations. See my blog for that discussion.

  8. I feel your pain, I lost my trusty punisher last night because I was flying solo, but the cost of a tech 1 frigate is negligable; Cruisers not so!

    I’d say frigs are fine for solo pirating, cruisers are probably better off with a wingman (perhaps in a nice tech-1 frigate for the tackle)

    I added you to my blogroll btw 🙂

  9. 9 Burn Mac

    Well i have my skills to train Medium projectiles lvl V (15 days *sigh) after that i can fit t2 guns and then i might undock in a cruiser untill that day, its Rifters and the occasional Trasher for me.

  10. The Rifter and Stabber are definitely great gang tacklers but they can be used solo against targets that are soft enough to break while you hold your tackle. The Rifter is especially good at this and can handle pretty much any T1 frigate in single combat and can take poorly fitted ones down with worse odds.

    I’ve not got so much experience in the Stabber as a combat ship yet just because I can’t really do any damage so it is just a tackler. We managed to take down a Myrmidon with my Stabber and a corpmate’s Ishkur, though. So I’m getting a feel for it as a tackler and will definitely be taking her out in more cruiser gangs.

    @Burn Mac: 12 days for me. Roaming Stabber gangs here we come!

    @Helicity: Frigates are definitely great for the cheap factor. I’m actually thinking about trying to get a little bit more sophisticated in my Rifter tactics. Time to do some experimenting! I already added yours to mine. Keep up the good work.

    @Letrage: Yeah, I’ve been reading your discussion. I’ve rigged a couple of Stabbers to provide some extra range to T1 guns but its not really economical so I’ll probably hold off using them for a couple of weeks until I can fit them properly. Then they may well take over as my ship of choice.

  11. That’s the fighting Spirit ! kick ass and take names. One of my Corp mates has a diff philosophy than I do he is all DPS full guns a blazing, no tank what-so-ever, frigates are easy enough to replace for sure, just hate to see a guy get podded is all. Yes I have small pangs of guilt when I do it…. but normally they are neutrals or reds so I don’t feel quite as bad..


  12. @Mansai: In a gang I’m definitely all in favour of the triple gyrostabilised Rupture as a damage dealing demon but solo I favour the security that a bit of tank offers me. Especially so because my armour tanking skills aren’t top notch yet so a little bit of conservatism probably goes along way.

    I’d obviously rather not pod people but if they don’t pay up its their own fault 🙂

  13. 13 Ronan Jacques

    In defense of T1 stabber as a pirate ship: it’s as cheap as any usable combat cruiser; it has fast align time, good top speed and can run a 20km disruptor as long as it likes (excellent qualities in a pirate vessel); even with a petty speed-tank it will often outrun guns and drones that a slower ship might have to deal with head-on, and even with it’s petty shield tank it will overwhelm noob-fit ships up close (outrun what you can’t outgun, vice-versa, and surviving long enough to work out which situation your in isn’t bad either).
    That said I’ve never undocked in the thing or warped in on a target without wishing I had t2 guns on it…Burn Mac and I are on the same page.

  14. @Ronan: Oh, don’t get me wrong, it does all the things that a Stabber should but T2 guns gives you Barrage and the ability to hit from 15+ km and solo its not great without that kind of range buffer. I’m in exactly the same place as Mac here. 11 days…

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