Beyond Reckless


Oh heck. What has happened to my common sense? I seem to have gone completely mad and utterly reckless. Where to start with my day of utter calamity? Well, first of all I scan a Vexor down to a belt and get ready to engage. As I approach him a Deimos warps in as well. I warp out and then warp back for another go. What happens? Deimos attacks and the end result is a dead Rupture.

But it doesn’t stop there. Next I go for a long roam with a young pilot and after finding no targets I decide to engage a Crusader in a belt. His friends all uncloak in their recons and I lose a Thrasher.

So you’d think I’d leant my lesson, wouldn’t you? Oh no, it just gets worse. After that I then start hauling all my stuff to our new home. The first load goes fine but during the second I start chatting to an opponent in our public channel. Being a bit too chatty I give away the fact I’m about to jump into our home system. What happens? Dead hauler.

And it only gets worse. Having run across Gallente space in my Cheetah before I assume that I can sneak my Dramiel through one system under the Minmatar Navy’s nose. Of course I can’t. Bye bye faction frigate.

Maybe I should take a couple of days off and come back when I’m feeling a bit more cautious. Or am I just too honest and naive for pirate life?


9 Responses to “Beyond Reckless”

  1. 1 Ronan Jacques

    lol aw Wensley! Fer chrissakes, I ran into a similar spate of recklessness and bad luck upon first joining The Tuskers, but that’s pretty brutal!
    Have no fear, yer a first-rate fella. We’ll do what we can and have your head back on straight in no time! : )

  2. Yeah, it sucks horribly. Shows what happens when you get careless and then frustrated. Still, I’ll bounce back. In fact, I’m selling some of my remaining stuff and buying a new Rifter. Maybe Allii will have to play the market for a while to raise some funds.

  3. Bottom line: Are We Having Fun Yet?
    Check yer contracts, yarr-buddy.

  4. @Mynxee: \o/ Big hugs, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You just need to come back home. You know we love you and you never did have such problems while with us ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Damn sam rough luck indeed, slow down, breathe, then rush forward , pirates off the port bow…Yarrr it wensley * Run fir yur lives!


  7. 7 Squizz C.

    Dramiel losses hurt! Forgot to check my lowsec route yesterday and lost my Dramiel despite WTZ on each gate. I was off to pick up a BPC for another faction ship and I’m robotically WTZ, jump, repeat through each system. One of them was Rancer.

    Need I say anymore? ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I managed to not get podded.

  8. @Squizz: Ouch. I have one experience of Rancer and that was getting podded by a smart bombing battleship. Its not a fun place. I guess my current ambition is to get enough ISK to replace the Dramiel. I spent a lot of time thinking how best to fit it so I want to have a chance to test out my ideas.

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