A Mixed Start


Yesterday my new pirating career started off with a roaming tour of Verge Vendor and the surrounding area. I saddled up my Stabber and headed out to see what we could find. As seems to be the case too often at the moment, there weren’t many people out.

After a good roam, though, I struck it lucky and found a Celestis cruiser mining a belt. Brilliant. I warmed up my weapons and headed in for the kill. Not a bad loot drop for my first proper pirating experience either. I stuffed it up a bit, though, and let the pod get away so no chance to make my first ransom attempt. I’m sure there’ll me more opportunities in the future.

Further along on my roam I came to a system full of military complexes. It just took a few scans to track down an Amarrian Vengeance class assault frigate. I followed my usual protocol and settled into an orbit 15 km away from my prey who seemed in no hurry to get away. Once his shields had failed and he was into armour I began to see why. My autocannons just couldn’t breach his defences despite the addition of Projectile Ambit Extension rigs to increase my range. I closed in on him a bit and tried again. Still nothing. I closed some more. All of a sudden he sprang into life and webbed and pointed me. Before I knew it a Manticore stealth bomber uncloaked on my starboard quarter and the encounter rapidly turned against me. With no web of my own I had no chance of escaping the Vengeance’s clutches and the Manticore’s cruise missiles all hit home destroying my beautiful Stabber and all her loot.

I’m going to have to start being a bit more cautious if I want to make a living out of piracy. If I’m not winning I need to abandon the fight, not risk my ship and its precious cargo. Still, I’ve got a few ISK left in the bank and I’m going to fit up a couple more cruisers to see what I can kill. I’m not sure that rigged Stabbers are exactly economical on my current budget so until I can fit advanced autocannons I might stick to the tougher Rupture.


5 Responses to “A Mixed Start”

  1. You don’t really have to choose or stick to just one ship. Keep both a Stabber and Rupture fitted and in your hangar and pull out whichever ship is best for the job at hand. The Stabber is a great cruiser for flying around solo and not getting caught at gate camps. A plated Rupture probably would have smacked down an assault frigate and could easily tank a stealth bomber long enough to make eggs, eat them, watch the nightly news and then warp away.

  2. 2 Misty Steele

    jettison the loot at a safespot before engaging anyone has worked out pretty good for me 🙂

  3. I don’t rig the my PvP cruisers anymore…makes them less hurftul to lose 🙂 But I admit I’ve been very tempted to stick a trimark and a couple of aux nano pumps, because it’s a big boost to tank. Maybe if I was building them myself it would make more sense.

  4. You know, you were actually doing great in rifters 😛

  5. Btw… who-ever told you that you can make a living out of piracy… lied. Big time 😀

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