Farewell to Old Friends, Hello to New Friends


My time in Dromedary, Goat, Albatross, and Fish has finally come to an end. In the early hours of this morning Ka Jolo formally approved me and my move to The Tuskers is complete. As well as saying goodbye to my friends in Big Bang Quantum I also had to bid farewell to Spectre who has decided that life planetside has to take preference over terrorising the space lanes and has handed in his pilot’s licence. Good luck to you, mate.

While I was passing the time in limbo I started to get to know my new home in Verge Vendor. Along the way I joined up with a couple of other brigands and we had some fun but at the end of the day it was a fairly expensive exercise for very little gain.

I’m still not entirely comfortable in my Claw and I keep making little changes to try and make up for some of its inherent flaws. My latest change is to add a Capacitor Power Relay to try and keep the microwarp drive and warp disruptor running together for as long as possible. In fights against a Catalyst and Ishkur this proved to be my main weakness and lead to me abandoning both fights. A later fight with a Manticore was going much better, I was able to keep orbiting at top speed while holding a point on him. His tank wasn’t cracking, though, and when my reinforcements arrived in the form of a Stabber he made short work of the Minmatar cruiser. At this point I made a silly mistake and tried to loot my friends’ wreck. The drop in speed that this caused meant that a couple of missiles hit home and then the final blow came as I slowed again to align for warp. A stupid, stupid, stupid way to lose a fairly expensive ship.

Not to be deterred I fitted up a Rifter and headed out again. I came across a Stabber looting wrecks 180 km from a gate. Seeing that he was out of range of the watching sentry guns I warped to a wreck and engaged the surprised pilot. My guns chewed slowly through his shields. So slowly. Too slowly. He was equipped with assault missiles and even my over-sized armour couldn’t last against their precise fire. Another ship down.

I was out of ships now so placed a call to my friend in Alentene who promised to bring me another Rifter so I could carry on. Her luck was no better than mine, though, and she lost her ship to a Ministry of Destruction camp in Hevrice.

Not the best way to end my time in DGAF or begin my life as a pirate but hopefully these lessons will teach me to be a bit more careful about picking my targets and managing my engagements.

Right, I’m off to buy a parrot and some grog.


5 Responses to “Farewell to Old Friends, Hello to New Friends”

  1. Hey bro I think I have read that you tried the stiletto, go back to it. Train your nav skills up and especially energy management to at least 4. Fit A gun if you want but in a stiletto you will be one of the fastest “stock” interceptors in the game. I ahve a crow and a stiletto both and by far the stiletto orbits faster. If you are with a gang they need a tackler. Drop a T2 cap recharger, T2 MWD, and nano fit your damned interceptor, once you break about 5100 m/s straight line speed orbit at or near 15-18KM wait for your buddies to beat him to oblivion your sole job is to make sure he doesn’t get away. Don’t worry about a stasis web, unless your gang mates done have one. SO to recap highs: Some artillery whatever else makes you happy Mids: t2 MWD, t2 Cap recharger, sensor booster, and a warp disruptor (t2 gives you 22KM, but 20KM effectively) Lows: T2 overdrive injectors X2 and one T2 nanofiber. if you can break 5100 and can orbit near 4200 your doing fine. This is a very specific ship with an even tighter niche, can you scout, sure,can you fight, not really, can you tackle…to hell and back again twice on Sundays. My crow tops out at 6160M/s my stiletto 6900 M/s orbital velocity at 18KM is 4900 in the crow but 5100 in the Stiletto.

    Hope it help bro

  2. @Mansai: I haven’t actually tried the Stiletto yet. She’s sat in Rens waiting for my alt to train up for a Mammoth so she can haul my stuff out to Verge Vendor. I’m definitely keen to fit a tacking Stiletto for gang work. I’d also quite like to try an autocannon Claw but I can’t find a fit that I like just yet. I’ll probably go for something like 2 x gyrostab, 200mm RT plate, and DC II in the lows and then whatever fits in the highs.

  3. ******??? Are you trying to have more names than me?

  4. @Ecat: Shhhh… Got to keep the real name hidden 🙂

  5. Right up there with ya, Wensley!

    Manasi…great info, thanx. Logged for use when I finally fit out the Stiletto sitting in my hangar.

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