Moving On…


After several weeks considering turning pirate professionally I’ve finally decided that security status be damned, I’m taking the plunge. I’ve now bid farewell to all my fantastic corp and alliance mates at DGAF and BBQ and moved all my assets into Empire. Thanks to all the guys there who taught me everything I know. I hope to fly with you again in the future.

From tomorrow morning I’ll officially be a member of The Tuskers and terrorising the spacelanes under the guidance of Ka Jolo. For now I’ve got the boring task of moving my ships and modules to my new headquarters and selling off the things that I don’t need any more.


6 Responses to “Moving On…”

  1. Gratz, Wens! I’m sure you’re going to have a great time…soon as I attract a couple of members, well have to come pay a friendly PvP visit 🙂

  2. 2 Burn Mac

    gl hf if BUSE doesnt work out i will definitely consider joining The Tuskers.

  3. Damn and we never even got to engage you all in some pew pew action 🙂 gl m8 hope it goes well.


  4. We will miss you, young Padawan. Don’t fly safe – fly fun

  5. 5 Teralya

    We will miss you dearly in Stain 🙂

    But I think we all knew that some time you eventually will turn to the dark side.

    Anyway, fly dangerous and keep up the blog.

  6. Muahahah, for each day you stay on your bounty goes UP!

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