Identity Crisis


When I first started publishing my adventures I didn’t really pay much thought to what to call them. It all started off just being for the benefit of my alliance but now that I’m loose on the public interwebs I probably need a better title. Just my name looks a bit bland on Spectre’s list of pirate blogs.

So, fine pod pilots of New Eden, what should I call my diaries? It might be a bit premature but I quite like “The Dread Pirate Wensley”. All suggestions welcome, though.


9 Responses to “Identity Crisis”

  1. It’s my experience that the best names will occur to you all of a sudden…after you’ve considered and rejected 1000 bad candidates and stewed about the topic for a day or three. Will let you know if anything brilliant occurs to me, but I sorta like the name. Maybe all you really need is a tagline, such as Wensley: Embracing the Yarr or something like that.

  2. “The Dread Pirate Wensley” is a great one. I vote you go with that.

  3. Dread Pyerate Wensley… or Austin Powers in Space…

  4. 4 Teralya

    Shagtastic Adventures of Yarr!

  5. Or the combined: Dread Pyerate Wensleys Shagtastic Adventures of Yarr!

  6. Dread Pirate Wensley is very nice, to the point, and not too self-important. I like it.

  7. 7 Burn Mac

    Wensley: Blog or Pod

  8. Nice tweak. Will modify my lists accordingly!

  9. …just email me the final choice you come to.

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