Teething Problems


I’ve been loving flying around in my Claw but I’m starting to realise its limitations. Before my only real concern was that I couldn’t track properly at the speeds that I was orbiting my targets at. Now I’ve been training for longer my skills are better and I can hit frigates with my microwarp drive running at full capacity.

I witnessed the fragility of my Claw the other night when I saw a red flashing Rupture at a gate. I knew that I would in all likelihood be unable to kill him because he’d be able to jump out through the gate if his armour failed despite my tackle gear. Still, I engaged anyway because I knew that I’d be able to escape if I wasn’t doing enough damage. My capacitor skills aren’t very good at the moment, they haven’t been a real priority because Minmatar weapons don’t rely on capacitor and I’ve been using passive tanks in most of my ships. This meant that I had to pulse my microwarp drive in order to keep my warp disruptor running. The Rupture pilot was skilled and whenever I slowed down he’d try and close the gap. Most of the time I was alert to this but I let my attention drop momentarily only to find myself caught in overloaded webs. Seconds later I’d lost my ship. Annoyed at myself I refitted and headed out to find some prey. A Bellicose fell victim to my wrath and I felt better about my own loss.

Since this incident I’ve been trying to play with my orbit distance to give me a margin of error. I want to stay as far away from the magic number of 13 km range as possible but I’m hugely limited by my maximum lock range of about 24 km. Hopefully with practice I’ll get better. I managed to lose a couple of kills while experimenting with this but at least I’m being cautious enough not to risk my own ship.


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