Road Block


I woke up and took a look around my office. The furniture was stark and simple, none of the comforts I’d got used to in Heimatar. Out here in Stain life is more frugal. Supplies are limited and travel can be difficult. I felt the need for comforts, though, so I looked at my wallet. Ten million ISK. I wasn’t broke but it wasn’t exactly a fortune. The only solution was to head out into the black of space and look for some of Sansha’s henchmen. The bounties that CONCORD pay for these deep space outlaws would help rejuvenate my wallet.

I undocked in my Wolf class Assault Frigate. This ship is pretty much the epitome of Thukker design philosophy. Lots of guns, no room for electronic warfare, and plenty of room for damage upgrades. I fly mine in a slightly unusual passive shield configuration when I’m out hunting for Sanshas. It does the job very nicely and I can take down even the toughest battleship eventually although things are much easier with friends. Assault ship ratting is something my alliance has a bit of speciality in. Its a very useful skill to have, especially these days as our local space is filling with hostiles and getting pinned down in a belt would mean certain death. These light, relatively-agile frigates can escape quickly, though, at the first sign of trouble.

There was plenty of trouble today. I started out looking for rats, as they’re known, in the belts of our home system but the local channel had too many hostile elements in it for me to be comfortable. Instead I looked into a side system that we use regularly. Again, it was hostile. Next up was a system deeper into Stain. Another hostile presence. There was only one possible destination left now, a system that branched off from both our home and our hostile neighbour’s home systems. Amazingly it was empty and I settled down to the task of grinding down Sansha’s minions. Occasionally hostile ships passed through the system but I was able to either get myself to a safe location or head back to our home until the danger passed.

Eventually a Muninn entered the system. This heavy assault cruiser was far more than I would be able to take on in my little Wolf so I headed to a safe location and passed the intelligence on to my alliance. An alliance friend jumped into system in his recon cruiser to try and locate the Muninn and quickly the hostiles began to stir. The hornet’s nest had awakened. The next ship into the system was a Vagabond, followed quickly by a Rapier. These are two of the Minmatar’s fiercest cruisers and I got the feeling I was being hunted. My recon support headed back to our home system and reported that a Sabre class interdictor had set up on the gate. I was being camped in. The Sabre was joined by a Vagabond and I was trapped up against our enemy’s home. I stayed as deep as I could, away from their scanners and looked for deep space probes with my own scanning systems.

Another covert ops pilot from our Alliance reported that the other gate out of my ratting location was also camped by a Vagabond and Sabre duo. I had absolutely no chance and my only option was to lie low and hope they’d get bored. It took a while but eventually they did and, my ratting session ruined by this aggression, I headed back to base feeling frustrated at the lock down that had been imposed on me.

Upon arriving home we formed a small covert ops gang to head up to Empire and provide an escort and reconnaissance for a new corp mate who wanted to bring a ship down to our station. I hopped into my trusty Cheetah and undocked. We headed up to meet him without encountering any resistance and were able to get him through the uncamped gate with hindrance. The journey back to Stain was pretty uneventful. We passed a friendly camp but again got through without difficulties. It was three jumps from home that we ran up against another road block. Obviously annoyed at their failure to kill me our neighbours had locked down their system. There was no way that we’d be able to get our friend’s new Ishkur through safely so we had to turn back and drop him off at a local station system that would be friendly enough for him to explore in the future.

Life in 0.0 seems to be full of these frustrations. Some times it can be almost impossible to get anything done. We are surrounded by enemies and hugely out numbered so they can almost effortlessly ruin our fun and we have very little in response other than picking off their stragglers or joining in when our allies attack them.

On the plus side, I knew that tomorrow my training for interceptor class ships would finish and I have a Claw and Stiletto waiting for me in Rens. No-one was going to stop me from trying them out tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Road Block”

  1. Hey bro nice blog. Hopefully I wont run “into” you in Stain bro (it is a big region) if you do see me… watch out the rapier is a nasty beast 🙂 Otherwise TC and good hunting
    ~Manasi The Mule

  2. Interceptors are awesome Wens (although you’ve already heard me say that 100 times probably). You should have some good fun with that Claw.

  3. I have SO BEEN THERE with getting camped in a system…one time for six hours! That was one persistent group of campers…and really annoying with their warp bubbles! I wouldn’t want to rat anywhere in 0.0 without a cloak fit–but especially in the insanity that is Syndicate, where I usually go. Probably a tough call to fit a cloak on an AF, but works great on my trusty Rupture.

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