Flying with friends


Burn Mac and the rest of Burning Steel Inc are pretty regular occurances in these logs. Its good to know there are other people who hang around in Amamake looking for fights in their frigates. Usually I end up on the losing side as two or three of them turn up but I do try and take someone down with me. Anyway, rather than chasing each other around the belts we teamed up to see what we could find as a group. I’ve not really done any belt pirating in a group and it was a fun experience. Sadly I couldn’t join their voice comms and that lead to a bit of indecision and poor communication but that’s pretty much my fault.

First kill of the evening was a solo encounter with a Manticore class stealth bomber that had been chasing Burn Mac around for a while. I managed to land right on top of him as I dropped out of warp 100km from the centre of a belt. My targeting systems engaged quickly and I was able to destroy him without allowing myself to take any real damage. That’s the first time I’ve had the upper hand with a stealth bomber so I was a bit too pleased with myself and eager to scoop the valuable loot to be aware of the Deimos that had appeared alongside me. Ooops. I tried valiantly to flee but he only took a couple of seconds to destroy my Rifter. There’s that situational awareness thing coming back to bite me again…

I forget how it happened but Burn Mac also lost his Rupture. I think it was to the Deimos. Luckily I managed to sneak back and get his loot for him and also managed to recover some of the faction ammo from my own wreck.

Anyway, I quickly grabbed another Rifter from my hangar and we set out on the prowl again. By this time there were three of us in the gang. Burn Mac, Taco Raptorian, and myself, all of us in frigates. There was a faction warfare beacon up and we decided to head in and check it out. I arrived first on the gate and reported a Punisher inside the system. Once my gang mates arrived we activated the gate just as a Taranis arrived with similar intentions. Taco was caught by the Taranis before he could activate the gate leaving Mac and I to engage the Punisher, a fight that we won with ease. We scooped the loot and headed back to a safe spot while Taco got a new ship for himself.

Pretty soon we got another hit in the complex and again we shot in. Once again my Rifter was first into the fray and I yelled “point and web” into our comms channel as the others caught up. The destroyer’s guns were on me and I was taking damage. “Point,” came the call on the comms and, my armour starting to fail, I took the chance to warp out leaving my friends to finish off the stricken Thrasher. As I aligned for warp the destroyer exploded. Still, better to be safely warping out than to lose a ship for no good reason.

Pleased with our work so far and with some valuable loot to boot we continued to prowl the astroid belts of our home. Pretty soon we got another hit. This time a Stabber class cruiser. Stabber’s are fast and slippery but nowhere near as dangerous as their big brother the Rupture. The key to this fight was going to be getting our webs onto him as soon as possible. Following the initial hit a chase around the belts began with us warping in only to be about 100 km off our prey or for him to quickly disengage and leave. Changing our tactics to land 100 km away from the centre of the belt I eventually managed to leave warp right on top of him. “Point and web.” My Republic Fleet EMP rounds were eating into his shields but not fast enough. As Mac and Taco arrived so did our Deimos friend so we tactically disengaged. A little bit more chasing and we finally got another good drop on him. “Point and web.” This time we weren’t disturbed and were able to go to work on him. The Stabber was destroyed and the loot scooped. Good work, guys.

By now we’d been joined by a third member of Burning Steel, Misty Steele. We’d also been joined in local by JunXio, a cheeky little thief of my acquaintance with a 10,000,000 ISK bounty on their head. If that wasn’t enough to get our juices flowing, she kept stealing loot from under our noses. Unfortunately we never did quite manage to get on top of her before she got away although we got very close a couple of times. One day, JunXio, one day…

It was good to fly with the Burning Steel guys. I definitely got a taste of what small ship piracy was like and its given me something to think about. Next week I’ll be flying my new interceptors so it could well be fun to join up with them for another jaunt and see how we get on.

Good hunting, guys, and fly safe!


One Response to “Flying with friends”

  1. Burn Mac eh. I think I see that guy posting on the forums a lot. Sounds like you guys had some good fun out there 🙂

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