Log On, Tune In, Check Out


Going into stasis is a weird experience. You leave the world behind you and your head fills with dreams of Earth and life before spaceships and capsuleers. Before the Eve gate and New Eden. I can see why people call it “logging off”.

I’d just “logged in” again after a period of enforced stasis. My ship’s automated systems had warped us to safety and applied the emergency cloak as the stasis equipment powered up. Now she was warping back to her previous decision and I was trying to recollect my senses to deal with the new, immediate present. It can be hard to leave the dream world and adjust to reality and I spent quite a few moments distracted, surveying my pod. The explosion of my ship didn’t wake me. It was only when I was helped out of a new clone vat in Rens that I realised what had happened. I’d failed to come too properly at the console and my ship had been targeted and destroyed as it exited warp, followed quickly by my pod.

It was an expensive mistake. The science of cloning means that us pod pilots are immortal beings. We can die over and over again with only the odd feeling of waking up in a new body as a consequence. But its not as simple as that. When you spend time in a body you get used to it. Cloning isn’t a perfect science and you quickly realise that every body is slightly different. I’d enjoyed my previous incarnation. The distinctive birthmark on my right arm had set it apart from others that I’d inhabited. Beyond the inconvenience and sense of loss, though, was the knowledge that’d I’d lost my precious implants. Luckily they weren’t expensive but it was still frankly annoying and I had to shuttle some money around in order to continue my training at its optimal speed.

I need to think of my bodies in a less disposable way. Sure, its not the end of the world but there’s little sense of self in our detached world of pods and clones so its worth hanging onto what you have.

Fly safe.


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