Capital Punishment


What started off as a regular roaming gang became something quite a lot more exciting last night. My alliance was forming a gang in our 0.0 home so I headed for the clone bay and dialled in my 0.0 clone’s details. Death and rebirth is quite a shocking experience and not yet painless. Popping some pills and grabbing a drink I looked around my hangar. I wanted a bit of a change so rather than my usual Rifter I hopped into my Stabber. The Stabber is a good balance of speed and damage allowing me to orbit targets at high speed frustrating their turrets while my guns and missiles wear down my targets. I don’t yet have all the skills needed to fit my cruiser with the latest high tech gadgetry but a regular fit is perfectly adequate for what we had in mind.

The roam itself was pretty uneventful. We arrived at our destination system to see a hostile camp. Our local friends quickly rallied a force to disperse it and we warped in to lend a hand. It was a pretty short fight and the hostiles all ran back to the safety of high security Empire space rather than stay and fight it out. One of our allies was flying with us, which was good because he helped smooth over a couple of diplomatic wrinkles that could have lead to friendly fire incidents.

It was on our way back that our friend told us his alliance was mustering a force to try and oust our hostile neighbours. Keen to join in we quickly headed for the muster location. Our allies were jumping to the destination system using an Avatar class titan’s bridging capability. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go with them and had to go the long way but I did manage to get a photograph of the massive titan out of my cockpit window.

An Avatar Titan preparing to go to war

An Avatar Titan preparing to go to war

As we arrived in our destination system the intel channels lit up. There was a Thanatos tackled away from the safety of any stations and we were quickly ordered into warp. Space flashed past me and my adrenaline pumped. I’d never taken part in a fight against a capital. All I’d seen of them so far was the hostile residents of our home system sitting them outside the station and docking them at the first sign of danger. My ship lurched out of warp nearly 200km from its target. Thank goodness for the Stabber’s speed. I fired up my microwarp drive and blazed a trail towards the stricken carrier. Its shields had failed and it was starting to take armour damage. I settled into an orbit comfortably out of range of any smartbombs and span up my guns whilst missiles streaked from my heavy launchers. The Thanatos didn’t last long and exploded in a blinding flash.

The last moments of a Thanatos

The last moments of a Thanatos

There were still some hostile battleships hanging around outside the station. Before they could decide what to do we streaked across the void in their direction. They were quickly tackled by the interdictors in our combined fleet and the ECM ships went to work jamming their targeting computers. We opened fire on several of them but most docked before we could deal the final blow. One Megathron wasn’t so lucky and our guns got him before he could make it back to the safety of the station.

A fantastic conclusion to an impromptu gang and I’m really glad I made the jump down from lowsec. Its good to mix things up. I headed for the bar in station looking for a couple of drinks and maybe even a nice girl to celebrate a good fight. War stories always go down well with the ladies…


One Response to “Capital Punishment”

  1. Muahahaha… the second carrier kill on the alliance killboard.

    Kind of more fun than a rifter in lowsec?

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