With Friends Like These…


Having spent a good part of the day doing various administrative jobs in the stations where I have my bits and bobs I was glad to be back in Amamake. I stepped out of the cockpit of my Probe frigate and looked around the hangar. As always most of the floor was taken up with Rifter class frigates in various states of repair. I wanted to try something new so I called my team together and explained to them what I wanted then watched while they headed out to get the required fittings for my specification.

A few minutes later my ship was ready to go and I undocked and headed out into space. A few quick scans on Amamake revealed nothing of interest so I set my course for Egghelende and headed for the stargate. Upon arrival I quickly scanned the system and found a Navitas in a belt. This Gallente mining frigate is nothing to fear and I engaged my warp drive. As I came out of warp I could see the frigate a few dozen clicks away and I fired up my afterburner and headed for my target. As I drew closer I noticed that not only was my target completely stationary but he also didn’t have his mining gear active. Had he fallen asleep at the console? Such things do not concern me and I opened fire anyway. I reduced the miner to a wreck pretty quickly and I was able to loot a few skill books from his remains before warping away. Once my criminal timer had counted down I set off back to Amamake.

My ship materialised on the Sissede gate in Amamake and I took a second to recompose myself after the jarring travel between jump gates. My ships sensors re-calibrated for their new surroundings and I maintained my jump cloak while I quickly scanned the nearby planet and its belts. Success, I found a Punisher seemingly ratting away and leapt into warp in pursuit. In the belt I found the Punisher chasing an Angel Cartel cruiser and quickly punched his details into my navigation computer, settling back into my chair as the afterburners engaged and thrust my ship forwards. I closed on the Punisher, who seemed unaware of my presence, and tackled him with my warp scrambler. Settling into orbit my guns span up one at a time as he switched his attention from the pirate cruiser to me. He’d already taken some heavy damage from ratting and I pretty quickly started to eat through his armour. Suddenly a Rifter burst out of warp alongside me and engaged without hesitation. His support had arrived and his trap was sprung.

Unconcerned by these odds I activated my armour repair systems and fired up the injectors to maintain my capacitor. Pretty quickly the Punisher exploded and I could turn my attention to the supporting Rifter. I was taking some damage and my repair systems seemed to have stopped. What had gone wrong? Looking at my console I realised I’d failed to keep the capacitor injector running and the repair systems had just run out of juice. I re-activated all systems before it was too late and began to make back some of the damage done. It was all under control.

Damn, two more Rifters dropped out of warp. This time it was some old friends from Burning Steel and after a moments hesitation they started to speed in our direction. Who were they going to engage? I had the upper hand so far. Damn again. They’d engaged me. My tank was starting to crack under the pressure. I was out of rockets and now just relying on my guns to take out this first opponent before I could turn my attention to the new arrivals. Once again I was out of armour but my opponent was taking serious damage to his hull. This would be close. Damn damn damn. I shook myself in the shock of the explosion and then punched the warp button to get my capsule to safety.

The local communication channels lit up and I exchanged greetings with my vanquishers. It turns out that they’d seen the Punisher too but were slower to get into warp and arrive in the correct location. By then I’d engaged and remembering our previous encounters they’d called me out as their primary target. If only I’d been paying attention to my defence systems in the original engagement. Just a little bit more tank would have let me finish off the first Rifter and turn my attention to the new arrivals. Oh well, they finished the job for me and it was a damn fun fight. I do love these multi-frigate engagements.


One Response to “With Friends Like These…”

  1. 1 alara universe

    Hi, here is the Punisher 😉

    It was a good fight, i thought i would have two Rifters in backup, thats why i was not flewing 😉

    btw: the two Rifters killed you, they were killed a few mins later by an other friendly rifter and my next punisher… was a good fight and a close one…

    hope to fight you again in amamake soon!

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