A Loss Of Concentration


I learnt a valuable lesson this week. You have to be paying full attention when PvPing or things can go horribly wrong, horribly fast. So watching football while lurking in Eifer isn’t a good idea. Especially when a Rupture lands on top of your Rifter and proceeds to tear it apart. Oops.

A few hours later I was engaging a Taranis in Amamake when a Purifier uncloaked. I was so wrapped up in trying to beat the Taranis (and not doing a bad job, either) that I mistook it for a harmless Punisher so was more than a little surprised when it started raining cruise missiles on me making very quick work of my tackled Rifter. I don’t have a good record with stealth bombers or Taranises.

Situational awareness is everything. Even watching television means you take your eye off the ball and in that split second someone can gain a vital advantage over you. Well, at least I’m learning from my mistakes.

Good hunting!


One Response to “A Loss Of Concentration”

  1. Well hunting in Amamake is a bit on the top. When i warp in on a target i generally set my scan range to quite short (no other celestial objects in range) and constantly tap the scan button to see if either backup is coming (i.e. ITS A TARP!) or if someone else scanned down the same target. (happens constantly in amamake since there are more hunters than prey) Sometimes however when you want to do alot of things simultaenously i cant do it all at the same time but i guess it will come with practice.

    btw, when are you applying to my corp god damnit we need you!

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