My First Gate Camp


On our regular trips between our home in 0.0 and the nearest high security trade hub my alliance mates and I regularly have to run the gauntlet of passing through the choke system between us and high security space. Like most such systems it is regularly camped, sometimes by our friends, sometimes not. When the gate is hostile it as quite a gamble to try and pass through and I have lost several ships trying to make the journey in the past.

A couple of days ago I got to take part in a camp on this gate and see how a good camp operates therefore getting some insight into how they are best evaded. I joined the camp in a Thrasher destroyer kitted out with a full rack of 250mm tech II artillery, sensor boosters, and gyrostabilisers. This let me get my volleys off very quickly and I was able to get on lots of killmails. It was interesting to see how the interceptors quickly moved for and decloaked two of the three covert ops ships that tried to get through the gate. I also got to see quite how deadly the Rapier is against interceptors as they quickly webbed and disposed of any that got out of our bubbles.

Gate camping isn’t something that I’d want to do regularly but it was fun to just sit there and pop people for a little while. There’s not much skill to just providing DPS, though, and I still prefer hunting people down and fighting in single combat.


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