The Only Good Taranis is a Dead Taranis


Yay! At last I got my first solo kill in 0.0. Here’s the story of how it came about.

I’d spent a couple of hours ratting in TG-Z23 and IP-MVJ and was getting a bit bored of it so I hopped in my trusty Rifter and headed off for a little roam. First of all I decided to go north for a bit but as soon as I jumped into 9RQ-L8 I met a Roadkill camp with a Broadsword. Nothing to worry about, I got my Rifter out safely with only a bit of shield damage. Seeing as the northern route was at least partially blocked I turned my attentions south and had a pretty uneventful trip down to O5Y3-W. Sensing that I was going to start bumping into a Stain Empire gang pretty soon I turned around and headed back only to be followed by a Roadkill Astarte and Vagabond pair. They didn’t engage, though, and I made it back to TG-Z23 without incident. Still, I was looking for a scrap of some description so I went back north but this time went through 4J-ZC9 to avoid the Roadkill camp. On my way north I got followed for a couple of systems by a Flycatcher but nothing to worry about. Once I got to 3GD6-8 I was starting to run out of time so decided to head home.

In MB4D-4 I finally found a target. There was a Taranis sitting on the LGK-VP gate so I orbited the gate at 500m to see what he’d do. He started to orbit me and then targeted me. Watching his orbit carefully he was about 5km from me so I engaged my web and scram and opened fire. He responded and the fight was on. I used my MWD to close in on him and his blasters took away my shields as I approached. He then kept trying to break free of my web and scram so I kept pulsing the MWD to keep him in range. Still, he managed to get free but instead of warping off seemed to hang around. I fired up the MWD and hit approach. Got him back into range and webbed him again. Rather than orbit I kept approaching him using the MWD to counter his speed. He was making negligible progress against my armour and oddly seemed to have an armour repairer on his fit that was meaning it took a good while for my Barrage to work its way though to his hull. By the end of the fight he was sitting stationary on top of the gate making no effort to escape and putting up a pitiful fight as I sat 100m from him pounding him with my high tech ammo.

Just before he popped I got the following message in the local channel:

Vidook > i give money

Too late, though. He popped about a second later. Not that I’d have taken it anyway. Sadly I couldn’t get the pod.

So why was a Taranis pilot offering a ransom in 0.0? He must’ve been really attached to his ship or had a rather tasty fit. As it turned out it was his cargo he was after saving. Looks like he’d looted a faction spawn because he had the following in his hold:

2 x True Sansha Radio M (1 destroyed)
1 x True Sansha Energised Reflective Membrane (destroyed)
1 x True Sansha Medium Capacitor Booster
1 x True Sansha Medium Beam Laser Battery Blueprint
1 x Low-Grade Slave Alpha

Score! Check out the killmail.


2 Responses to “The Only Good Taranis is a Dead Taranis”

  1. A conservatively estimated value of 60-65 mill in loot – using a t1 frig in 0.0.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be able to fly t2 or battleships to be successful in PVP!

  2. Wow, impressive! Good for you. I’m really enjoying your write-ups.

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