The Bet


Inspired by my lowsec killing spree an alliance mate has laid down a bet. The terms are very simple. We each have 20 Rifters. Whoever makes the most lowsec solo kills in their allotment of Rifters is the winner and gets 20m ISK from the loser.

At the moment I’m starting to spend more time in 0.0 as I get more confident and more able to fly my ships but when I’ve just got a small amount of time to pew pew in then I log into lowsec and go hunt for targets. The nice thing is that I can use this as a bit of an opportunity to try out some new things as well.

I’ll report back as the competition picks up steam.


2 Responses to “The Bet”

  1. Hehehe, and of course your competitive bitch of a CEO is willing to be 10 mill that you win this bet – but… so far no takers…

  1. 1 First Blood « Wensley

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