Pushing My Limits


So far my low sec jollies have all been pretty comfortably within my limits. I’ve been selecting fights that I was pretty sure I could win and managing to limit my loses. This week’s been a bit of a change from that. So far I’ve managed to lose four Rifters and a Rupture all in the name of learning what I can and can’t do.

The first of these was to a Crow that I’d seen on scan for a couple of days and I was trying to track him down so that I could take him on. My plan was pretty simple. I’d fit double webs and hopefully be able to trick him into straying into web range. Come the fight he did get into web range but because they’d been cycling while he was out of range they didn’t engage properly. He escaped and I lost my first ship of the week. Its okay, though. I have another plan for dealing with him that I hope to try out soon enough.

My next loss was to a Stabber and it was entirely my own fault. I’d already had plenty of luck in my previous meetings with this speedy Minmatar cruiser so I wasn’t worried. I did, however, let the excitement get the better of me and a series of little mistakes such as leaving the MWD firing too long (making myself a huge target) and loading up the wrong ammo meant I threw away what should have been a close fight. To top it off an Arazu that I’d forgotten was in system popped up and delivered the killer blow. Lesson for this one? Stay calm and don’t go to pieces.

The next one was incredibly annoying. After a couple of enjoyable frigate kills (including another cap-boosting Rifter) I managed to get killed by the sentry guns of a station after my docking request was refused. That’s never happened to me before. Bugger. Not sure what the lesson is there. Probably don’t dock up straight after a fight, let your aggro counter tick down in space instead. Nice to get a kill in Amamake, though.

The final Rifter of the bunch was lost to an autocannon Thrasher. Admittedly he would have killed me anyway but I lagged out an a close fight became a slaughter. Lesson IV: Don’t leave background apps running when you’re PvPing.

Having lost my three Rifters I thought I’d try something different. I’ve just finished training Drones IV so I thought I’d have a little run out in my Rupture. It destroyed a Stabber and a Thrasher without even taking a scratch on its armour but when I ran into a Vexor I got more than I could handle. My armour repairer couldn’t keep up with the onslaught and I failed to control the range so ended up being sucked into a close battle rather than picking off his drones like I planned. I managed to take out a couple of his Hammerhead IIs before a massive Orge I tore through my armour and hull and destroyed my precious Rupture. I’m currently training myself up to be able to get the most out of my Rupture including gunnery, armour, and drone skills and I have a long way to go before she’s performing at her full potential. For now I’ll stick the the Rifters and pay more attention to picking my targets.

Oh, something else I keep forgetting to do is to dump my loot between fights. This means that I tend to lose ships and any potential profit from previous fights. I’d quite like to see if I can make this pay for itself. You never know, if it does then I might take it up full time. Well, full time in Eve, anyway.

Fly safe.


2 Responses to “Pushing My Limits”

  1. 1 Splatter

    Hi Wens \o/ So you followed a freinds suggestion eh ;-), good stuff an enjoyable read and futher adventures to look forward to I hope. Yeah having loot from the last fight blown up has happened to me more than once.I also recently went out ratting with a cargo hold full of True Sanha stuff from last outing , which could have been embarasing.Anyway looking forward to the next one….

  2. Minmatar Makes Learning Fun, imho! The Rifter and the Rupture are my favorite ships…won’t be terrible long before you can easily kill a cruiser with your Rifter with some focused flying and a good speed tank.

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